How To Make Headphones Louder- 7 SIMPLE Ways


In the digital world, we spent a lot of time using headphones. It’s has a lot of benefits and advantage in our life. Usually, We use our headphones while watching movies, listening to songs, podcasting, or any type of talk show. But, the point we wanna talk about is the maximum volume of headphones. In some cases, the user is being disturbed by the low volume & bad sound quality problems after a decent time of using headphones. And here I will discuss about the solution-how to make headphones louder.

Might be you want to have booming bass in your music or are visiting a busy train or can’t hear your phone’s sound properly and you want to make headphones louder.

It’s okay. No problem. We are going to discuss about it.

So, Let’s start!

Here are SEVEN ways to make your headphones louder:

 1.Adjust The settings of the device.

You can check the setting of sound adjustment. Sometimes, it happens. There are different settings for different devices. 

Let’s see how to fix the sound adjustment setting on Apple, Windows, and Android Devices.


For Apple, at first select the “Music” setting by going to the settings main menu. Then, go to and select the Playback Setting by scrolling down. Here you will find the “Volume Limit” option and set up the max of headphones volume.


Go into your mobile phone settings, and select “Sounds” then the Volume setting Here you will see the sound setting and select the media. Then, adjust the sound to what you want.


If you are using a windows update version then find out a speaker symbol on the notification bar and go to this setting. Then, adjust the sound.

2.Adjust The Headphones Volume

Adjust The Headphones Volume

The manufacturers made some of the headphones with specific settings. Sometimes, it can be with low volume. So, check out some buttons and see if there are any changes.

You can follow the manufacturing manual to get an option that helps to adjust the volume. It also should keep in mind that the manufacturer designed some headphones with low smooth sounds. In that case, this way is not perfect.  


3.Clean your headphones or speakers from any dust or debris

Sometimes, you need to clean the headphones. When you increase the heat in the ear canal, it can bring more oil and wax to your headphones. As a result, the mess screen of headphones may get blocked which is a cause of sounds fade off.

I highly recommend you clean your headphones daily to prevent dust and wax. The instructions for cleaning headphones are given below.


Remove and clean ear tips

First of all, keep away the ear tips from headphones and soak in warm soapy water. To clean all the dirt or wax off the inner part, use cotton buds or Q-tips.

 After doing this perfectly, use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes and do this. Then, wipe them using a soft cloth and leave these parts to dry out.

 Cleaning the earbuds

Clean your headphones

Brush the earbuds by using the dry toothbrush. Keep concerned with the mesh to remove all kinds of dust.

After that, wipe the earbuds by using a piece of cloth with hydrogen peroxide or you can use alcohol, or hand sanitizer. Then, leave them to dry out. 

After completing this process, get back your headphones together. Now, your headphones are ready to use and check the improvement of sounds.

Special Note: If you want to know the best tricks to fix water damaged headphones. Click here..

4. Try Better Audio and Music Apps

Try Better Audio and Music Apps

Nowadays, a lot of music and audio apps are available. Most of them have some unique features to set up the volume levels that you want.

You can increase the sound volume by using the right apps. Here are some third-party music app and players that typically work fine with most devices.

 If you are going to use these apps, always check out ratings and reviews. Always be sure that you’re choosing the right apps for your device.

 Here I’m giving a list of some pretty good apps.



Google Play Music, 

jetAudio HD, 


Youtube Music, 

Apple Music,


5.Use a Volume Booster app

 There are many apps to boost volume. It helps to increase the sounds of your phone or any device. You can use these apps by downloading from google play store for android phones and the Apple store for Apple.

After download, it will integrate with your device automatically. These apps serve the setting to maximum louder sounds than what your device has.

But, be careful while using those apps. Because It can damage the eardrums if the sounds get too high.

Here, I have given a shortlist about volume boosters for the iPhone are:

Equalizer Plus, 

KaiserTone Audio Player, 

PlayerXtreme Media Player by Xtreme Media Works, 

AutoVolume Automatic Volume Control

ONKYO HF Player Volume Boost, 

If you are an Android user looking to find a volume booster, these are some of the more popular choices.

In the below list, I have mentioned some popular android volume booster app:

Equalizer FX,

MX Player,

Precise Volume,


VLC for Android,

Podcast Addict,


6.Connect to a Bluetooth or Smart Speaker

 If the headphones aren’t doing perfectly still now, the best way is to use bluetooth speakers. 

When you are alone and want to listen to songs or watch movies or anything else with high sounds without dealing with headphones, the speaker is perfect.

There are no cords and the price is affordable. Bluetooth speakers are becoming famous day by day. So, you can use and increase the max volume.

7.Find the best headphones

Find the best headphones

 It’s tough to find the best headphones. Because It’s a matter of opinion. Some people think, most expensive headphones are the best headphones and some don’t think the same way.

But, it’s a little bit easy to choose the best one by looking at the reviews that people have posted. So, the most important thing is to take a look at the reviews and experiences of other users when you wanna buy a new one.

Here, we are giving a list of headphones with the highest-rated volume:

Sony WH1000XM3

Audio-Technica ATH-50BT

Skullcandy Hesh 3

Cowin SE7

Sennheiser HD280Pro

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Beats Studio3

Dolby Dimension

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT

Audio-Technica MSR7NC

 Get the pair of headphones that fulfill your needs the best. Also, take care of your headphones properly. It will help to keep sounding your headphones for a long time. We have also an article about the best cat ear headphones where we reviewed some headphones that have also good sound quality. 


Never try to use headphones with too high a volume. It can harm your ears and hearing. Always maintain a certain level of sounds. 

Low sound volume is a common problem nowadays. So, I’ve tried to cover the full and various processes about how to make headphones louder.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed it. Did any of these tips help you? Let us know in the comments section below!




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