7 Steps How To Fix Water Damaged Headphones

Nowadays, Headphones or earbuds are one of the most important things in our daily life. It plays a vital role and has a lot of benefits in our life. Whether you are sitting beside a pool of water and suddenly your headphones dropped in water or might get wet by the rain or anything else like that. In that case, you may get worried about it or afraid to buy a brand new pair of headphones. But, I am gonna tell you how to fix water-damaged headphones step by step. If you follow this, surely can fix the headphones, earbuds or earphone that got wet. So, let’s start.

First Of All, What Should Do?

At first, you should not be panicked or do not try to use headphones or earbuds that got wet. Never try to use the hairdryer for dry.

You need to avoid some steps which I will discuss in this article and need to follow the rights steps which also I have discussed.  

Never Do This 4 Things After Getting Wet Of Your Headphones:

1. Do not try to operate the headphones –

 If any headphones or earbuds get wet, then you should not try to operate that one as usual. Because it’s an electronic device and has electric circuits.

If the headphones having electricity power when they’re soaked, The headphones will be having a short circuit and get damaged.

 2. Avoid the hairdryer for dry out-

Do not use the hairdryer to dry out the earbuds or earphones that have got wet. Because the hairdryers generate too much heat temperature which harms the earbuds.

 It also would damage the plastic and alter the form of the wires, potentially it a reason for more damage than the damp. So, usually, it would be better to do not to use hairdryers.

3. Never use Oven or Microwave-

Never try to use Oven or Microwave to quickly dry out the earbuds. Using an electrical device in a microwave is incorrect and the microwave may be destroyed. And must remembering things is-The earphones are made of silicone, which is quickly melted by fire. 

4. Do not waste time-

After getting wet with your earbuds, do not waste your time. Try to follow the right steps for decreasing the percentage of damage to that device.

So, what is the right way to fix water-damaged earphones? What should do next? Simply follow our guideline step by steps-

How To Fix Water Damaged Headphones-The Most Effective Guideline(Step by Step)

Step 1 – Remove The Foam/Rubber/Silicone Tip Sleeves

First of all, you should keep the attachable parts(the rubber or silicone tips and sleeves) in a soft place removing them from your headphones.

 Then, you should focus on the drivers of the headphones. If you do not follow the next steps adequately, it can be damaged.

 Step 2 – Disassemble Your Earbud Parts

Disassemble Your Earbud Parts

 You can’t follow the next steps without removing the main parts of the headphones outside of it. To take out that part, you can use your knife or a little screwdriver.

Maximum numbers of headphones do not use any screw to open it. So, it is complex to open it. After opening the earbuds by using a knife or screwdrivers, exhibit the internal elements. 

 Step 3 – Use Distilled Water (Also Called de-Ionized water)

Keep your device in a full glass of distilled water. You can use also de-ionized. Maybe you are gassed to hear it. Don’t worry, both are safe for electronics devices. It doesn’t make any damage to your device. 

How to use distilled water?

1. Keep the earbuds in the glass of distilled water that is wet and shake it when it is still there. 

 2.The main reason for doing that is- the water in the earbuds can get mixed up with distilled water. By doing that non-stop, hopefully, In Insights there will be just distilled water. 

Note: if you can’t manage the de-ionized water or distilled water at home, skip this step(distilled water step) and follow the net steps.

Step 4 – Shake The Earphones

Shake the device and drivers as much as you can to remove the water droplet. 

How to do this?

1. Clamp the two drivers with your part and shake them several times so you can eliminate water droplets to improve the drying process.

Note: Never try to use the Hair Dryer for drying purposes. Because It harms the lifespan of earphones. And also don’t keep them in front of sunlight. 

Step 5 – Blow Up Your Earbuds With Air

 Clamp your hand on both earbuds and blow air from your mouth’s into it many times. An Air Blower machine can be used for this purpose. But you have to maintain long-distance from the earbuds while blowing air.

 An air blower produces too much air which can damage your earbuds. So, be careful while doing this step.

Note: If you can not maintain distilled water at home, you can skip step-3 and directly follow step-4. This step will help you to reduce the water from the device’s insights as much as possible. 

 Step 6 – Use A Soft Towel

 To keep all the inner parts of the earbuds, use a soft dry towel. It will help to reduce the extra wet and distilled water drops. Maintain this way for all other components and drivers of the earbuds.

Step 7 – Use A Rice Bag (Is A Must)

 Use A Rice Bag (Is A Must)

 The most important step among all these steps is to use a rice bag to fix water-damaged headphones. Open a bag of rice(uncooked rice) from your kitchen and keep all the components of the earbuds in that bag.

 Open the bag after a few hours and then substitute the rice with increasing humidity. Keep your earbuds in the bag of rice for almost 48 hours. 

 Note: Never try to use your earphones or earbuds before completing all the steps that we have described. If you do, you can lose your device forever. So, be careful about maintaining those steps.


Why Should You Use A Rice Bag To Drying Out Process?

You can use uncooked rice grains as a water reducer. When you keep your device(earbud or earphone) that has got wet in a bag of rice granules, the rice bury the existing water.

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 Other Ways To Fix Water Damaged Headphones-

Everyone doesn’t use the same pair of headphones. All brands are different in their way. So, sometimes we need to do other ways to fix water-damaged headphones.

 Here, we are giving some ideas and ways to fix headphones in other ways. 

1.How to fix water-damaged apple headphones fast, easy, and free. 

2. How to fix AirPods that got wet. (Video Link)


How To Prevent My Headphones From Being Wet?

 Here I provide some tips and ideas to prevent or headphone care from being wet. If you can follow these tips, your earbuds will be safe from wet (hopefully).

1.Keeping distance from the place where have a chance to raining when you are wearing your earphones. Bringing the earphones to the toilet is a bad idea. There is a strong possibility of earphone injury.

 2.You can use a little box to storing earphones safely while do not use them. It also helps to secure the earphones from falling in water or a water pool.

 3.If you’re traveling outside of the home, it’s best to keep your earphones in a secure and dry place. Leaving it in your car would most likely not reveal your earphones on a period. It will help to keep your device from damage.

What Could Happen To My Headphones/Earbuds If They Got Wet?

What Could Happen To My HeadphonesEarbuds If They Got Wet

If your headphones or earbuds got wet, there could be seen several scenarios.

 1. Your Earphones Ruined Up

If your headphones dropped in water when it is active and you do not take any effective steps, then there is a massive chance to ruined up your headphones.

Because earbuds have electronic circuits that can not perform as usual if water interferes with them. You can know details about it, click here.

2. Your Earphones Not Functioning Properly

 There would be happened like that -your headphones dropped in water. Then, after one day, you are trying to use it again. At that time, you’ve discovered that your headphones are not functioning properly.

In that case, if you can follow all steps that I have described, your earphones will be good and perform as well.

 3. Your Earphones Functioning Properly

If your headphones got wet but you are not panicked and didn’t take too much time to follow all steps described above, most likely your earphones will perform like a new one. 

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 Overall, The most important thing is to keep safe your headphones from water damage. It is also better to do special care and save your earphones from water for a long-lasting earphones lifespan.

 Unintentionally if your earphones fell in water or got soaked while washing your clothes in the washing machine, follow all the steps perfectly that I have described above. And I am confidently saying that You will be able to fix your water-damaged headphones or earphones or earbuds.

If you can not understand any steps or anything else, comment below. I will reply as soon as possible.

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