Dual CS 5000 Review- A Complete Guide

Dual Cs 5000 turntable is a common turntable that is semi-automatic such that you can start the device personally or let the device start by itself, which makes work easier for the user. The CS 5000 turntable results from the turntables of the 500 series, which have almost the same features as this one.

The turntable is a good model for the record players since it has more unique features than the rest of the turntables. The outside look of the product is nice in that it can attract an individual where you can choose to buy it even if it is expensive so long as you can fit with its price. Some of its features include the tonearm, the size, the current it uses, and others.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the turntable: the details of the whole device from its size, shape, weight, rumble amount, and other features that accompany it. After that, there are factors to consider when buying the device. The frequently asked questions follow it, and lastly, the conclusion which carries the entire content the article contains?

Features and benefits Dual cs 5000

dual cs 5000 review
  • Physical appearance: the outside appearance of the dual CS 5000 turntable is of wood material that exists from the natural trees that makes it look attractive to the customers.
  • Speed: the speed of the turntable while working is of a certain level that the user can control by adjusting the readings. Normally the speed is 78 revolutions per minute, but it can also range from 33 to 45 like other turntables.
  • Rumble: The rumble of the dual CS 5000 turntable is quite cool since it is a constant of 59dB.
  • Current: the device uses direct current to move, making it run faster since the direct current is much better than alternating current, which wastes a lot of time.
  • Tonearm: The tonearm level is low since it has a low mass and a headshell that you can control its positions as you can remove it from the device.


  • It is easy to use the device since most of the parts are adjustable and removable.
  • It produces good bass for the records it is playing that is good for the listeners.


  • The installation process of the device is a bit hard, that it needs experts to work for it.
  • The dual CS 5000 produces quality bass even if the installation is hard.

Factors to consider when buying the dual CS5000

Factors to consider when buying the dual CS5000

a) Personal preference and experience

Choose a record player that will work well in your device such that you select a cartridge that maybe you know or have experience with. Sometimes people get the experiences from friends using such record players to know how they are moving on with the one they are using. If your former experience is bad, you need to change it and get a different one that can improve its working at your place, but if the one before is cool, you still choose to buy it again.

b) Size and weight

A bigger record player will always be heavier and hence not perfect for replacement when you want to replace it in your device. Therefore you are to give it time and work for it, which is time-consuming, while a smaller one is lighter and can be portable and makes replacement work easier.

c) Frequency response

Choose a record player with a faster frequency response level such that it can produce quality results faster and on time without wasting your time waiting for it to load. Record players will have slower frequency response levels is time-consuming as you have to wait for the cartridge to receive power slowly then later produce results of poor quality.

d) Price

Price matters a lot when choosing a product to buy at any place since you cannot decide to buy a product that you know you cannot afford but instead choose to buy a product that you can buy. Therefore, in this case, choose a product that seems cheaper if you have less cash or a quality cartridge if you have enough cash.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can one get the Dual CS 5000 turntable to use?

Do you have worries about where you can get the turntable to use? You can visit many places to get your product from which sell them at better prices. You can choose to visit any retail shops that can have the product for the individuals who lack trust. But for individuals who trust easily, consider checking Amazon sites which have the best of the devices most individuals use.


The article above summarizes the details of the Dual CS 5000 turntable that seems to be the modern turntable for use since it contains the most adjustable and removable parts within the system. There are also the advantages and disadvantages of the device and the factors to consider when buying the device.

It is good to mark on the buying guide to help you choose a good device for use at home or any other place. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the record players.

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