Dual 601 Turntable- Quick Review

The dual 601 turntable is the best of all the dual turntables since it exists through an invention from two brothers who made it. The dual-brand is the best of all brands that people in other continents like America prefer using. The dual 601 model is unique even though it uses automatic belt drives like the other one before. The belt drive in the turntable contains a motor that helps to run the machine.

The dual turntable above produces good quality sound with clear volumes since it uses cartridges of good quality and a stylus that works to produce the best results. Some other turntable features make it the best of the turntables for use either at home or with any events.

The article below shows the features of the dual 601 turntable that include the type of motor, type of drive, size, weight, etc. After that are the advantages and disadvantages of the dual 601 turntable, then later are the factors to consider when buying the dual 601 turntables for use at a particular place. In short, the guide has the overall views of the product that you can look at when having an interest in the product before buying it.

Features and benefits Dual 601 turntable

dual 601 turntable review
  • Type of motor:  the dual 601 turntable works with specific types of the machine when running. The most common motor it uses is the synchronous motor which has a belt with a certain design to facilitate the machine’s running.
  • Type of drive: since the turntable is a unique type, it contains an automatic belt drive.
  • Total time: the total time the machine takes while recording the audios ranges from certain seconds. The time ranges from a minimum of two seconds to three seconds which is the maximum.
  • Overall speed: The turntable’s overall speed to run to make a complete record ranges from 33 to 45 pm.
  • Rumble: the rumble of the turntable is normally heavy since it weighs 63dB.
  • Tonearm: The tonearm level is better since it has a good torsion-resistant level that contains an aluminum cover with the tubular that enables the machine to adjust the bearing with the pivot by itself without the help of the outside users.
  • Size: dual turntable’s size is above is in terms of the length, width, and height, which are 420 by 148 by 365 millimeters.
  • Weight: the weight of the turntable is in kilograms which is 7.6 kilograms that makes it heavy.


  • Produces good quality of records
  • It is a unique and attractive device


  • it is expensive due to its unique features.

Even though the device feels expensive, it produces good quality records that are clear to its point.

Factors to consider when buying the turntable

Factors to consider when buying the turntable

a. Quality of records

When choosing a dual 601 turntable for use, consider checking the sound quality since it makes a significant difference in the product to buy. Choose a dual 601 turntable that produces good quality sound in the speaker. The preamplifier controls the amplitude of the sound that makes the sound from the speaker be of good quality that fits the listeners’ desires. To test the quality of sound, try the preamp from the place you are buying it from to get to know if it is perfect for you and not.

b. Operational options

The operational options of the turntable include the number of channels the preamp supports, the outputs if they are digital or analog output and other factors in the process of using the amplifier. The turntable’s power is among the significant factors to consider in the operational options, high pass, polarity reverse, and even the frequencies. Therefore, consider checking these factors to avoid buying a preamp that consumes much power with an analog output that does not fulfill your desires when choosing the preamp.

c. Price

The price of a product must be the first thing to consider before purchasing a product. Such that you can choose a product that you can afford before going to buy it. A turntable with good features and quality sound is very expensive compared to regular speakers with quite good qualities. Therefore, if you want a good product for maximum performance, the price must be high, and if you want a cheap turntable, the features must be below.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the other types of turntables?

The other types of turntables include the dual 501, the dual 501, and many more. The dual-brand contains many types of those turntables.


The article above shows the details of the turntable: features, advantages and disadvantages, and the factors to consider when buying the device. The features give a good direction of what the device contains and helps you know what to get for use.

Follow the article to identify the features; then, there are the advantages and disadvantages of the dual 601 turntable and the factors to consider when buying the amplifier. The factors to consider help guide the buyer on what to look at before buying the amplifier, including the power it uses, the price, and other relevant factors.

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