Dual 506 Turntable Review- Quick Guide

 Dual 506 turntable is a type of turntable with the belt drive range, meaning the difference with the other turntables comes from the belt drive. The turntable is a cheap device that most people use since it is affordable. Dual 506 contains cartridges that work in helping the machine to run effectively and produce good results for the user.

The turntable contains an adapter and some weights for the cartridges that enhance the recording of the audios. When buying the turntable, it is good to consider the cartridges since you can fail to get the exact type for the device; you need to be keen on the places to buy the devices from, like the Amazon shops, which are good.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the dual 506 turntable and its advantages, which shows the reasons for using it. These disadvantages are the negatives of the product, the factors to consider when buying the product, which helps in getting the right product that will well satisfy your desires. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

Features and benefits of Dual 506 turntable

dual 506 turntable review
  • Type of drive:  the dual 506 turntable works with specific types of the machine when running. The most common type of motor it uses is the belt motor which has a belt with a certain design to facilitate the machine’s running.
  • Total time: the total time the machine takes while recording the audios ranges from certain seconds. The time ranges from a minimum of two seconds to three seconds which is the maximum.
  • Overall speed: The turntable’s overall speed to run to make a complete record ranges from 33 to 45 rpm.
  • Weight: the weight of the turntable is normally heavy since it weighs 70dB.
  • Tonearm: The tonearm level is quite cool since it has an ultra-low mass tonearm that is good for the machine.


i. The turntable attracts due to its outside appearance, which is beautiful.

ii. The turntable lacks a fuse that helps it have additional features to function.

iii. It has a good stereo capture since it has a good presentation.

iv. It is reliable and desirable to the user.

v. Records clear audios for the players, and it is easy to use.

vi. It is cheap that anyone ready to use it can afford.

vii. It has drive belts that make them flexible and good for use in recording audios.


i. When using it, there are additional costs for buying some parts that are missing in the device.

Factors to consider when buying a Dual 506 turntable

Factors to consider when buying a Dual 506 turntable
  • Personal preference and experience

Choose a speaker that you feel you want or it is always your wish. After having the preference, you then move to check your former experience with the woofer if you can still choose to use it again or change.

If your former experience with the woofer is good, you can decide to repurchase it, but consider changing the woofer if the incident was negative. Knowledge can be from friends too, not that it must be your own experience because you may want to buy the speaker for the first time.

  • Size

A more prominent speaker can accommodate a bigger room as it will produce a maximum volume of sound that fills the whole room hence satisfying the user. A small room can also fit with a small woofer, while a big room needs a more prominent speaker. To hold parties and other occasions, you need to have more giant woofers to fill the environment with enough music.

  • Frequency response

Frequency response is the speed of the speaker to respond to the frequency to produce sounds. Choose a speaker with a faster frequency response level to deliver quality results faster and on time without wasting your time waiting for it to load. Conversely, speakers with slower frequency response levels are time-consuming as you have to wait for the speakers to receive power slowly, then later produce results that can be of poor quality.

  • Price

It is good to choose a product that you can afford to buy. The buying price of a product determines the maintenance cost of the same product such that when the product is expensive, the maintenance cost is also costly. Therefore, price matters a lot when choosing a product to buy at any place since you cannot decide to buy a product that you know you cannot afford but instead choose to buy a product that you can buy. Therefore, in this case, select a product that seems cheaper if you have less cash or a quality cartridge if you have enough money.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Where can one buy the device from?

The best place to purchase the devices is the Amazon or eBay sites.


The article above shows the features and benefits of the Dual 506 turntable, the advantages, and disadvantages, and the factors to consider when buying it.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to identify the specific details of the product. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle the device and do the repairs and replacements.

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