Dual 505 2 Turntable Review- (With Specifications)

Dual 505 2 turntable is a device that mostly records the audio players when playing some music or any audio in a particular place. The Dual turntable experiences some interference that is mostly the vibrations of the floor or the acoustic feedback. The vibrations can move from the turntable while following some steps that follow the energy of sound in the loudspeakers.

The interferences need to be below for the turntable to work well. Therefore, the user has to ensure that they lower the problems using some better ways. The first method of lowering the problems is by using a floating chassis. The method involves consulting professionals who can reduce the turntable’s double effects, including the outer cover panel. The method removes the effects the turntable is experiencing that it cannot affect the recording of music in it.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the dual 505 2 turntable, the advantages of the turntable, which shows the reasons for using it. These disadvantages are the negatives of the product, the factors to consider when buying the product, which helps in getting the right product that will well satisfy your desires. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

Features and benefits of Dual 505 2 Turntable

dual 505 2 turntable review
  • Type of motor:  the dual 505 2 turntable works with specific types of the machine when running. The most common type of motor it uses is the synchronous motor which has a belt with a certain design to facilitate the machine’s running.
  • Total time: the total time the machine takes while recording the audios ranges from certain seconds. The time ranges from a minimum of two seconds to three seconds which is the maximum.
  • Overall speed: The turntable’s overall speed to run to make a complete record ranges from 33 to 45 pm.
  • Weight: the weight of the turntable is normally heavy since it weighs 69dB.


i. The turntable attracts due to its outside appearance, which is beautiful.

ii. The turntable lacks a fuse that helps it have additional features to function.

iii. It has a good stereo capture since it has a good presentation.

iv. It is reliable and desirable to the user.

v. Records clear audios for the players, and it is easy to use.


i. They do not have belt drives, making them solid and steady.

Factors to consider when buying a Dual 505 2 turntable

Factors to consider when buying a Dual 505 2 turntable
  • Process of work

It is good to check how the turntable works since the device involves some ideas before using it. You need to have a microscope to get to see some of the items within the turntable. The turntable needs to spin to work with its needle at the point where it has to vibrate, which turns to waves that later become music the device records.

  • Ways of using the device

There are ways of using the device to record music at a place. The steps include picking the recording device, place the audio to record in the turntable, adjust the speed to match the right one, and lastly lift the record to record the audio.

  • Sizes and Speeds of the records

The turntable records have different sizes, and the speeds they use are also different, making them different to handle. The speed of the records is according to the rotations the turntables take, which is in revolutions per minute. Record players have a speed switch that you need to manually change according to the type of record you’re using.

  • Sound quality

Choose an amplifier that produces good quality records when you connect with the speaker. To test the quality of sound with the amplifier, connect the amplifier to the speaker. Ensure you use the same brand as yours in the shop before buying it. Then, if it produces a sound that you feel is not good for you, you can opt to change and test a different one.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How long does an amplifier take to get old?

An amplifier can last for more extended periods of about 10 to 20 years of use. However, after that period, you can decide and repair the amplifier, replace some parts, and still work as a new amplifier. Thus, amplifiers can work for a long time, so long you take good care of them and do repairs and replacements after some time.


The article below shows the details of the Dual 505 2 turntable, which are the features and benefits of the product. Also, it shows the advantages and disadvantages, the factors to consider when choosing the product, which includes the price since you can choose a device that will be expensive for you and you cannot afford it.

Consider following the article carefully and read it to get full information about the turntable. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions when handling the turntable since it has directions on connecting the device. You can also choose to consult a technician to help fix some parts that feel hard for you.

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