Dual 1257 Turntable Review

The dual 1257 model was manufactured in Germany between 1979 and 1980 and is in excellent condition. Simply by looking at it, you can tell that the quality of this turntable is exceptional. The Dual 1257 was one of their more affordable turntables, yet it still produced the incredible sound that Dual is known for. The Ultra-Low Mass Tonearm is featured on this dual 1257 turntable.

The ULM Tonearm Technology resulted in a tonearm/cartridge combination that was 50% lighter than competing turntables at the time. The improved audible contact while also extending the life of the turntable and stylus. In 1979, this technique was initially introduced. It is a stunning machine that has been expertly made. A conventional 110 wall plug, two RCA jacks, and a ground wire are included. To play correctly, it must be fed through a phono preamp and grounded.

If you want to know more about the product, read the review carefully. Ensure you see all the specifications present in the dual 1257 device, the pros, and the cons. Further, consider the buying guide to get the best device that is of high quality. In addition to that, consider the FAQs concerning the product.

Features of dual 1257 turntable

dual 1257 turntable review

Type: The device is an automatic turntable and differentiates from other devices of the same model.

Motor: The device comes with an asynchronous motor. Unlike other devices, the dual 1257 has a sixteen pole motor while others have an 8-pole and a 4-pole motor.

Drive: Also, the device’s motor has a precision flat belt for flywheel drive.

Platter: It comes with a removable non-magnetic platter and is lightweight, making it easy to transport. The non-magnetic platter weighs about 0.9kg and measures about 270mm in diameter.

Speeds: The dual 1257 speed ranges between 33 and 45 rpm. When you compare it to other gadgets, the quickness makes it more effective.

Pitch control variation: The pitch control variation is around 6% different from other devices of the same kind for both platter speeds. You can also adjust the pitch control at each platter speed by a semitone and check it with stroboscopic light.

Signal to noise ratio: The noise and signal ratio is approximately 68 dB.  

Flutter and wow: Its flutter is in terms of percentage. It is approximately 0.05%. Also, the rumble is around 68db when you weigh.

Tonearm: The tonearm comprises several components, including tubular aluminum and the ability to self-adjust. It’s also torsion-resistant. It also comes with a four-point gimbal bearing pre-installed. It is distinguished from other devices that perform the same purpose by the bearing.

Cartridge holder: The device’s cartridge holder is easily replaceable, and it accepts cartridges weighing between 0 and 3 grams.

Rumble: Its rumble is 68db when you weigh it.

Weight: Its lightweight makes it easily portable from one place to another. It weighs approximately 0.9 kgs without shipping weight. But with shipping weight, its weight is 0.9 kgs.

Warranty: It has a warranty period of approximately 30 days.

  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • Has a warranty period.
  • Come with accessories if it requires shipping.
  • Cheap.
  • Durable.
  • It has advanced features and many poles that are sixteen.
  • High ramble.
  • Keep upgrading.
  • Less information is in the manufacturer’s manual concerning upgrading the device.

Factors to consider when buying dual 1257 turntable

Factors to consider when buying dual 1257 turntable

Consider several factors before deciding which is the device to buy, and the factors include the following;

  • Cost

Consider buying an affordable device. Also, ensure the device is in good condition and of high quality even if it is cheap. First, research the turntable and know the price to see if it fits in your budget. But, it is advisable to buy an expensive turntable that is of good quality.

  • Quality and condition

First, scrutinize the turntable before deciding to buy it. Test it to see if it is functioning well. While testing, compare its performance and condition with the other turntables present.

  • Seller

Buy the turntable from a genuine seller. Ensure the seller offers a warranty period of approximately three months and if not, avoid buying the device from that shop. The most recommended places to buy the device are; Amazon and eBay.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does the dual 1257 device have tonearm?

Yes. Every dual turntable has a tonearm. The tonearm of the dual 1257 turntable comprises several components, including tubular aluminum and the ability to self-adjust. It’s also torsion-resistant. It also comes with a four-point gimbal bearing pre-installed. It is distinguished from other devices that perform the same purpose by the bearing.

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If you are interested in purchasing a dual 1257 gadget, please read the review above carefully. Examine all of the device’s characteristics and its benefits and drawbacks, and weigh the variables before opting to purchase the product to ensure that you obtain the most excellent product that works properly. Finally, if you have any problems, get assistance from the manufacturer and ask questions as needed.

Finally, after purchasing the equipment, take specific measures. For example, to keep the equipment in good working order, make sure you maintain it more frequently. Consider reading the manufacturer’s instructions and researching before purchasing the gadget to ensure that you are buying from a reputable source.

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