Dual 1229 Turntable Review- Complete Guide

The Dual 1229 turntable is the most popular Dual model. The weighty, exceptionally well-built Dual 1229 sparks considerable interest among the Dual turntables cult for years, more likely found in vintage shops than flea markets or dustbins. 1229 is thought to be the pinnacle of decades of technological advancement by Dual. Most people prefer using it due to its many benefits, such as it can last longer than other devices of the same model.

The turntables are most popular due to many reasons.  First, one of the primary reasons is that the Dual brand is well-known for its capacity to provide long-term service to audiophiles. It is not a simple task to accomplish this. Dual1229 turntables are constantly associated with two things by audiophiles: exceeding expectations in terms of performance and being robust. These two features are undoubtedly the Dual 1229 turntables’ most appealing selling aspects.

The article provides a summary of the dual 1229 device, including the specifications. Also, it shows its pros and cons, including the buying of the device. Finally, there are FAQs concerning the dual 1220 turntable product.

Features of dual 1229 turntable

dual 1229 turntable

Weight: The Dual 1229 has a heavily loaded platter, which helps to decrease wow and flutter to nearly nothing. When rotating albums on the Dual 1229 device, having a low rumbling is a huge plus feature for those sluggish audiophiles.

Tonearm: It has a longer tonearm. Even though the tonearm is longer than usual for an automatic turntable, the Gimbal bearing type significantly reduces tonearm friction. From the outside, this model exhibits well-known high-quality construction.

Balanced pitch control: For both platter speeds, the pitch control variation is approximately 6 % different from other devices of the same model. You may also regulate the pitch control around semi-tone at each platter speed and check them through the stroboscopic light.

Platter: It comes with a platter that is non-magnetic and is light in weight, making it easily portable. The weight of the non-magnetic platter is approximately 3.1kg.

Flutter and wow: Its flutter is in terms of percentage. It is approximately 0.06%. Also, the rumble is around 63db when you weigh it.

Cartridge holder: Its cartridge holder is easily removable, and the device usually accepts cartridges ranging from 1 to 12 grams.

Signal to noise ratio: The signal to noise ratio is approximately 63db when you weigh it.

  • It is durable.
  • Has balanced pitch control.
  • It emits a quality sound when you compare it with other devices.
  • Great build.
  • It comes with automatic features that function very well.
  • Produces loud noise that travels more extended range.
  • Heavier.
  • Frequent oiling, especially the auto shut-off part.

Most people prefer using it due to its many advantages, such as being durable, emitting a sound that travels at a more extended range, and having some automatic features.

Buying guide for dual 1229 turntable device

Buying guide for dual 1229 turntable device

Before buying the dual 1229 turntable device, there are several factors you must consider. The factors may also depend on one’s preferences and financial status. The factors include the following;

  • Choosing which capabilities you require

Do you want your built-in record player to be able to connect to Bluetooth? Tonearms: automatic or manual? There are numerous makes and models of turntables, each with its own set of functions. Some attachments and abilities are vital, while others aren’t, so become familiar with them and consider them.

  • Setting finances

Dual 1229 turntables are available at a range of prices to suit a wide range of budgets. Create a price after you’ve done your research on the best equipment and components for your requirements. In such a way, you’ll be able to buy an excellent selection without going crazy.

  • Space

You’ll need to be able to assign a clean, safe, and long-lasting room for your new audio equipment. If you leave a turntable on the floor or somewhere else risky, you risk damaging your investment and possibly the record on the platter.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What does a dual 1229 turntable configuration entail?

Although a new audio player does not need as much installation as an earlier version, there is much for the sound of an old record player. Regardless of how old your dual 1229 turntable is; you will almost certainly require:

  1. To handle and show your record player, you’ll need a solid surface.
  2. A preamplifier
  3. A phono-capable amplifier.
  4. Based on your arrangement, you may need one or more speakers.
  5. You can better understand how much room and money you have to join different record players once you know what you’re doing with a turntable configuration. 


If you wish to know everything concerning the dual 1229 turntable, please read the review above carefully. Ensure you know the specifications and see if they suit your desires perfectly. Also, consider some factors before deciding on which product to buy. For example, consider the cost, the quality of the device, among many others. Essential of all, never forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions when using the device and when serving it.

Just a note of caution: the dual 1229 turntables will need to be thoroughly touched up after purchase buildup of lubrication over time. Don’t be concerned! If you’re like me and like to be hands-off, you may always seek professional help. It’s usually a good idea to make quick local inquiries to ensure that someone knowledgeable in the area can assist you if you need it. Also, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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