Dual 1228 Review (With Specifications)

The dual 1228 turntable is very effective, and most people prefer using it due to its coolness when they compare it with other devices that function the same but with different models.  The device has many benefits that make it more preferable in the market today. They emit quality sound and are light in weight hence easily portable from one place to another successfully.

Despite the dual 1228 being effective, sometimes, you may have issues with it. For example, it may emit poor sound due to the accumulation of dirt and improper maintenance. It is essential to consider cleaning the device often and serving it according to the manufacturer’s instructions in such a situation. Also, seek help in case the issue persists.

Many people wish to know everything about the dual 1228 device. Luckily, the article below summarizes the device, including the specifications such as power requirements, voltages, weight, and others. It also shows the buying guide for dual 1228, including the FAQs concerning the product. Therefore, before making any order or deciding to buy the product, read the article below and see if it suits your preference. 

Specifications of dual 1228

dual 1228 review

Power requirements: The device requires an alternating current to function well. The power wattage results in frequency differences and the frequency range from 50 to 60 Hz, and they are replaceable by the motor pulley, thus increasing their efficiency.

Voltage: the device voltage is changeable from one to another. For example, the voltage ranges from 110 volts to 130 volts and from 220 volts to 240 voltages. Therefore, it is essential to consider the voltage requirements to get the best voltage for the device when using the device.

Speeds: dual 1228 speed is approximately 33 and 45 rpm. The speed makes it more effective if you compare it with other devices.

Weight: Its lightweight makes it easily portable from one place to another. It weighs approximately 4.3 kgs without shipping weight. But with shipping weight, its weight is 4.4 kgs.

Measurement: Its dimensions are different from other devices. It is 274 mm by 320 mm, including a 28 mm tonearm that usually overhangs.

Platter: It comes with a platter that is non-magnetic and is light in weight, making it easily portable. The weight of the non-magnetic platter is approximately 1.8kg and is 270mm.

Cartridge holder: Its cartridge holder is easily removable, and the device usually accepts cartridges ranging from 2 to 10.

Pitch control variation: For both platter speeds, the pitch control variation is approximately 6 % different from other devices of the same model. You may also regulate the pitch control around semi-tone at each platter speed and check them through the stroboscopic light.

Tonearm: The tonearm consists of many things that include; tubular aluminum, and it adjusts itself. Also, it has torsion resistance.

Flutter and wow: Its flutter is in terms of percentage. It is approximately 0.09%. Also, the rumble is around 59db when you weigh it.  

  • Robust
  • It has a high-quality tonearm making it more durable.
  • Have better-sounding automatics.
  • Portable.
  • Produces sound at accurate speed.
  • Cheap.
  • Have heavy iron switches.
  • Heavy platters.

Buying guide for dual 1228

Buying guide for dual 1228

Before buying the device, there are several factors you must consider to get the best product. The information below states some of the factors

  • Assessing your available area

You’ll need to be able to allocate a clean, safe, and durable space for your new audio gear. You risk breaking your investment and possibly the record on the platter if you leave a turntable on the floor or somewhere else dangerous.

  • Choosing a budget

Vinyl dual 1228 turntables are available at a variety of pricing points to fit a variety of budgets. After you’ve researched the best equipment and components for your needs, set a budget so you can purchase a suitable selection without going overboard.

  • Mastering the fundamentals

Please get to know the components of a dual 1228 turntable so you can understand how it all works. You’ll understand how everything must work and how to improve the system as a whole.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the drive present in my dual 1228 device?

The dual 1228 device contains a drive that improves its performance. It has a synchronous motor that has four poles. Also, it has a tonearm that contains aluminum that makes it long-lasting.


The dual 1228 device can use a different but specific range of frequencies: either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The frequencies usually are from its motor pulley that the manufacturer recommends. When deciding to buy a dual 1228 device, first, review the article above carefully and see if the information concerning the device suits your taste. Also, ensure you seek help from the original manufacturer after contacting him for more information concerning the product.

When using the device, it is advisable to take some precautions to keep the device last longer.  For example, consider cleaning the device frequently to improve its sound quality and protect it from damage. Further, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule to prolong its lifespan. Finally, seek help from an expert in case of any issue or if the issue persists. 

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