Dual 1019 Turntable-Quick Review

In 1965, the Dual 1019 turntable was released at a selling value of roughly $130. It’s an idler-driven turntable that can play all kinds of LPs, including 78s. Because of its powerful torque motor and big 7.5-pound plate are very popular among the 78 community. The automatic start/stop system is quite intricate and entirely mechanical.

The Dual 1019 distinguishes itself from other turntables with various characteristics, including automatic functioning and outstanding torque. The device is also quite popular. Because of these qualities and its higher cost-effectiveness, most audiophiles believe the Dual 1019 turntable is best among 78 rpm circles.

Fortunately, the article gives a complete review concerning the dual 1019 turntable. Also, it shows its advantages and disadvantages, including a buying guide such as cost, quality, among others. In addition to that, it shows the FAQs concerning the product.

Features of Dual 1019 turntable

dual 1019 turntable review

Sound emission: They have a distinct, powerful, and punchy sound, and I am confident that everyone will like having their audio collection.

Platter: It comes with a non-magnetic platter, and it is a bit heavier, making it less easily portable. The weight of the non-magnetic platter is approximately 3.4kg, which is around 7.5 lbs.

Pitch control variation: For both platter speeds, the pitch control variation is approximately 6 %, which is similar to most other devices of the same model. You may also regulate pitch control.

Flutter and wow: Its flutter is in terms of percentage. It is approximately 0.1%. Also, the rumble is around 59db when you weigh it. 

Rumble: Its rumble is approximately 59db that is different from some of the dual turntables.

Measurement: Its dimensions are different from other devices. It is seven by ten by 12.

Speeds: dual 1019 speed is approximately 16, 33, 45, and 75 rpm. The speed makes it more effective if you compare it with other devices.

Tonearm: The tonearm has shallow mass and some height regulation that are 3/8. Also, it consists of many things that include; tubular aluminum, and it adjusts itself. Also, it has torsion resistance.

Cartridge holder: Its cartridge holder is easily removable, and the device usually accepts cartridges ranging from 0 to 5 grams.

Anti-skating: The product has a direct dial continuously variable.

Weight: Its lightweight makes it easily portable from one place to another. It weighs approximately 3.4 kgs without shipping weight. But with shipping weight, its weight is 3.4 kgs that is approximately 7.5 lbs for the platter.

Spindle: when playing, it spindles in a single mode or elevator action changer spindle.

Counterbalance: the counterbalance is nylon braked and has a rubber damped.

  • It comes with automatic operations that start and stop automatically.
  • Light in weight hence easily portable.
  • Emits good sound.
  • Comes with an anti-skating feature.
  • Is very solid.
  • Has an attractive design.
  • It has a heavy arm that increases its density.
  • Cartridges don’t fit each other perfectly.

Factors to consider when buying dual 1019 turntables

Factors to consider when buying dual 1019 turntables
  • The dual 1019 tonearm with low resonance and free movement

Two significant factors decide whether or not a tonearm is of good quality. The first is the concept of resonance. A decent tonearm has minimum resonance, essential for keeping the cartridge stable and in good operating order.

Another essential element is that the tonearm can quickly move in any direction. High-quality bearings with precise tolerances and little friction are used in good-sounding turntables to achieve this.

  • Drive at a constant speed and with minimal noise

Frequency wobble induced by dual 1019 turntable speed changes is extremely sensitive to the human ear. It is also known as wow and flutter. Wow, and flutter is terms for slow and quick speed changes. As a result, for a turntable to sound nice, it must have a consistent rotation speed.

New turntables have very little wow and flutter today if we discount the extremely low-cost alternatives. Motor technology has come a long way since it was once a much more severe issue. Another crucial aspect of an excellent sounding dual 1019 turntable is that the motor and power supply make very little noise. The turntable is designed to pass very little electromagnetic noise from the motor and power source to the cartridge and signal wires.

  • Mastering the fundamentals:

Please get to know the components of a dual 1019 turntable so you can understand how it all works. You’ll understand how everything must work and how to improve the system as a whole.

 Frequently asked questions:

  • Does the dual 1019 turntable contain automatic operation?

The device has an automatic operation that automatically shuts on and off when necessary. In case there is no power, you may turn it on and off manually.

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It’s worth noting that the Dual 1019 turntable is ideal for parties and also for individuals who wish to try their hand at record players. Also, the Dual 1019 headshell is fantastic, and it has a design with durability and sound quality in mind. In terms of looks, the simplicity and elegance of its design make it an easy choice.

A fantastic table with a fantastic soundscape that is also made to endure a lifetime. Keep in mind that after this equipment has been thoroughly maintained, it will continue to work flawlessly for decades. The Dual 1019 turntable is a fantastic match for tiny vintage tube amplifiers, and it’s full of personality, history, and value.

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