Dcm tf600 Review- A Easy Guide

The DCM tf600 speakers are made from a speaker type known as time frame. The name time stands for each DCM speaker, indicating the time when the device is manufactured. The speakers advance with time as the manufacturers make different discoveries each day. The advancement process continues to increase their performance, making them outgrow other speakers. The speaker produces the best sound at high speed.

Despite the speaker being the most recommended, it may have some flaws. First, its frequency range varies and lacks some dips. Also, it lacks some system ambiance. If your speaker has two weaknesses, try contacting the original manufacturer for information. Also, the manufacturer may give you a way forward on how to make some adjustments. Further, consider referring to the manufacturer’s manual on how to adjust the system settings.

The article below describes the unique features of the DCM tf600 speaker. Also, it shows why most people prefer using the speaker instead of other speakers. Despite the speaker being beneficial, it also shows its disadvantages and how effective it is to the users. Finally, there are the best guidelines and things to consider before purchasing the speaker. Ensure you consider all the tips below.

Features of DCM tf600 speaker

dcm tf600 review
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Measurements: The system weighs approximately 47 lbs. making it portable for shipping activities. The dimensions of the system are 17 inches wide by 41 inches height by 8.75 inches depth.

Power handling: It can handle watts ranging up to 250W, starting from around 10w.

Resistance: Its resistance is approximately 6 ohms.

Bass: It emits 2.0 by 6.0 cone bass that has a very high-frequency range.

Sensitivity: The system is highly sensitive, and its sensitivity is approximately 92 dB. The sensitivity feature increases its performance.

Frequency response: Its response ranges from 30 Hz up to around 20khz. Also, the frequency crossover is approximately 92 dB over a 1-meter distance. The reaction also produces all sounds from the alto voice to any other voice, especially the cello.

Appearance: The system is enclosed with a material wrapped with other materials, such as the original oak end caps. They are 5.5 inch systems and 3/4imch tweeters that are dome. Each dome tweeter is positioned well inside the DCM tf600 system. The system has some cables that transmit and amplify the bass sound, including its frequency response. The bass hole firing positioned near the back area of the woofer cabinet present makes it unique from other speakers.

Recording feature: The system records effectively and attractively. The recording area is large enough to provide enough space for quality recording.

Sound quality. It emits high-quality sound with the best performance of other speakers. For example, it produces sound considering all aspects as the sound depth is attractive, and the height of the sound is perfect.

Speaker positioning. You can place the system some distance from the wall area for efficient sound emission, approximately 4 to 8 inches away. Also, the positioning allows loud bass to be produced. If you place the system some inches, around 11 to 16 inches, the sound is more transparent and uncolored.

Tweeter: Its tweeter is 3.25 inches by 3 inches cone dome.

  • High-frequency response.
  • It is a 3-way speaker.
  • Holds power to a maximum of 250 watts.
  • Produces high bass.
  • Emits smooth and attractive sound.
  • Records appealingly.
  • Its frequency response sometimes may have dips.
  • Is expensive.
  • Limited or no system ambiance.

Most people prefer the system due to its high performance and high-quality sound emission.

Buying guide for DCM tf600 speaker

Buying guide for DCM tf600 speaker
source: https://forum.polkaudio.com/

1. Sound quality: First, perform a lab test on the speaker and adjust the distance each time to know the sound quality the system is emitting. Compare it with the rest of the speakers and choose the best system with high sound quality.

2. Performance and room size: High performing speaker is more effective than a low one. Buy a high speaker with high performance which suits your room perfectly.

3. System quality: Avoid buying a low-quality system with a limited lifespan and become faulty quickly, but instead buy a high-quality design.

4. Condition and warranty of the system: Inspect the whole system and ensure it is in good condition. Also, provide a warranty period of at least one year to return the system if you detect any flaws.

5. Cost: Buy a system that is within your budget and will allow you to make some savings.

Frequently asked question:

  • How much can I pay for my DCM tf600 speaker?

The standard price for the system is $ 700 to $ 1000, but some sellers may offer to pay a discount if there is no shipping activity to take place. The speaker is best at events such as parties.

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The rate of buying the DCM tf600 speaker varies from one buyer to another, depending on their preferences. Some may prefer advanced systems, while others may prefer old version systems. Luckily, the article describes the factors to consider when buying the product. It also explains its features, including the pros and cons. The description allows one to buy a speaker according to his taste at an affordable price.

Each speaker comes with a manufacturer’s guide. The guide entails all information concerning the speaker usage, the installation, etc. It provides detailed information to review in case your speaker has some flaws. When using this kind of speaker, first clean it frequently and remove any dirt that may prevent the speaker from functioning as usual. Also, follow the manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule to increase the lifespan of the product.

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