Cerwin Vega at-8 Review

Cerwin Vega at-8 is a type of speaker that is a stereotype such that all the testing with its parts is correct and the condition for use is good. It is a two-way speaker that has a woofer and a tweeter. The speaker produces minimum and the maximum power that helps it in its working. The Cerwin Vega at-8 speaker is a unique speaker that is not compatible with any other type of device like the amplifiers or receivers but only needs the instruments that the manufacturer recommends in that they must support 4 ohms to start the speaker.

The Cerwin Vega at-8 speaker is best for use since all the testing about its best performance produces good sound quality when listening to music and lacks any other issues that cause problems with it. The speaker is heavier due to the older design from its brand but lacks holes and rips on its surfaces.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the Cerwin Vega at-8 with its advantages and disadvantages. Later are the factors to consider when buying the Cerwin Vega at-8. Follow the guide carefully to note everything about the Cerwin Vega at-8 to help you identify the reason for using the woofer and how to get a better one for use in the house.

Features and benefits of Cerwin vega at-8

cerwin vega at-8 review
  • Type of speaker:  the Cerwin Vega at-8 woofer is a two-way loudspeaker with a woofer and a tweeter.
  • Frequency response: the frequency response of the Cerwin Vega at-8 speaker ranges from 33Hz to 22 kHz.
  • Power: the power output of the Cerwin Vega speaker is 100 watts if it is to its maximum point but is 5 watts which is the minimum.
  • Sensitivity ratio: the sensitivity ratio of the Cerwin Vega at-8 is 94dB.
  • Resistance: The speaker’s impedance is resistance, whereby the Cerwin Vega resistance is 6 ohms.
  • Size:  the size of the is in the height, length, and width, which are 21 inches by 12 inches by 10 inches.
  • Appearance: the external surface of the Cerwin Vega speaker is a wood grain vinyl that enhances its life span since wood surfaces stay for long.


  • Longer lifespan.


  • Hard to power

Even though the Cerwin Vega at-8 is hard to power when starting it for use, it can work well and stay for a longer time, producing quality sound in a room.

Factors to consider when buying the Cerwin Vega at-8

Factors to consider when buying the Cerwin Vega at-8
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1. Size

The size is a matter of both the room and the speaker. A more prominent speaker produces a good quality sound that is much louder than a small speaker. Therefore, when you have a bigger room, consider buying a more prominent speaker to help fill the space with enough music. Conversely, when the house is smaller, you choose to use a small speaker since it can fit properly.

2. Price

When the price of a product is expensive, you have to get good cash to afford it. Cheap products are always wrong or cannot last for long since the qualities are always poor; therefore, choose to buy at least a product with a reasonable price even if it is not much expensive. Before purchasing the Cerwin Vega, consider checking the price and compare it with your budget to weigh if you can buy it or not. If the price is higher than the budget, you can reduce the expectations and purchase something you can afford.

3. User experience

Choose a speaker that you have experience with and know its qualities with the advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you may not know about the product to purchase. Therefore, you can ask friends to get their experience to advise you on the best speaker to use. User experience helps you decide to choose the exact speaker or opt to change it because if the former experience with the speaker is terrible, you can select and change it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best amplifier to use with the Cerwin Vega at-8 speaker?

The best amplifier for use with the Cerwin Vega is the B55 stealth bomber class D amplifier. Remember, when choosing amplifiers, the amplifier output power must double the speaker’s output power. So the amplifier above is compatible with the Cerwin Vega speakers since it doubles its output power to quickly connect and produce quality sound.

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The article above shows the features and benefits of the Cerwin Vega at-8 speaker, a two-way speaker that produces quality audio output that is good to the ears. The guide has the advantages and disadvantages of the product together with the factors to consider when buying the product.

Therefore, read the article carefully to identify the features that give you interest in buying the product. Then, the advantages give you good reasons for using the product, as in the article that the Cerwin Vega is long-lasting. Lastly are the factors to consider when buying the product, which helps you identify the things you have to look at when purchasing the product.

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