Cerwin Vega at-12 Review- Quick Guide

Cerwin Vega at-12 is a floor stereo speaker that produces the best sound quality as it lacks disturbances from unnecessary noises and has a sweet bass that is attractive to the surrounding. In addition, the speakers produce louder sounds that can best fit parties and other entertaining activities. The speakers lack the rips, tears, holes, or voice coil rub. Since it is a three-way up speaker, it has mids and tweeters with a wire screen protection that cannot quickly get damaged and enhances the proper working of the speaker.

The Cerwin Vega at-12 speakers work to their perfection hence becoming the best performing speakers even though it is an older version but still rocks today. All this is because of its unique features that they have mounted on the front mid and tweeter level that control the speaker to work correctly.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the Cerwin Vega at-12, the advantages of the product, and disadvantages after that are the factors to consider when purchasing the product, which is the guide that directs an individual on what to look at before deciding to buy a particular speaker for use.

Features and benefits of Cerwin vega at-12

cerwin vega at-12 review
  • Number of channels:  the Cerwin Vega at-12 has a three-way channel meaning it has three tracks in the speaker.
  • Output power: the output power of the Cerwin Vega at-12 is about 300 watts, such that it can use an amplifier that has an output power of about 600 watts.
  • Sensitivity ratio: the sensitivity ratio of the Cerwin Vega is about 93dB.
  • Frequency response: Cerwin Vega at-12 speaker is a fast speaker since the frequency response ranges from 28Hz to 20000Hz.
  • Warranty: Cerwin Vega has a contract such that after purchasing it, you can still do replacements or repairs from the manufacturer for some time. The warranty period of the product above is above five years.
  • Size:  the size of the Cerwin Vega is 19 inches wide by 14 inches deep and 33 inches high. It is heavy, too, since it is 50 lbs.


  • Good bass
  • Fewer distortions with its music
  • Quality and loud sound


  • Less attractive.

Despite the poor looks of the Cerwin Vega at-12 speaker that most people lack interest in, it produces good bass and quality sound that is loud, and there are no distortions with the sounds when playing music.

Factors to consider when purchasing the Cerwin Vega at-12

Factors to consider when purchasing the Cerwin Vega at-12
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  • Compatibility with external devices

Cerwin Vega at-12 must be compatible with external devices like televisions, amplifiers, and receivers so that you can connect them and produce more sound in the external device through the speaker. To identify the speaker’s compatibility and the device, ensure both the products are from the same manufacturer. In addition, the amplifiers and receivers help reduce the power the speakers use, saving money for electrical bills.

  • Quality of sound

The sound quality of a Cerwin Vega at-12 is a personal factor that the buyer must choose a speaker that they feel produces a good quality of sound since people have different tastes. Therefore the buyer must visit a shop with their flash disks that contain their favorite to test. If the volume of sound is to their best, then they can choose it.

  • Type of speakers

When buying a speaker, choose the best speaker for use in the house, like the floor standing speakers or bookshelf wireless speakers. Wireless speakers are easy to install since they lack more wires that are hard to fix and connect before working. Although wireless speakers are expensive, consider using such speakers as they are the best.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the other alternatives to use in place of the Cerwin Vega at-12 speakers?

When choosing a different alternative to use in place of the Cerwin Vega at-12 speaker, select one with the same qualities and the same price such that it cannot affect you when buying the product. The best alternative is the Klipsch R-28F floor-standing speaker with a front porting that provides a low performance. Next, there are the Polk TSi500s which are spears that sport four 6.5 inch woofers with a black cabinet at the outer surfaces covering them. The last alternative is the Q Acoustics 3050 Floor-standing Speaker, a fantastic speaker for sound production that stays clean after prolonged use.

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The Cerwin Vega at-12 speakers are unique woofers for sound production when listening to music as they can fill the whole room with a fantastic piece that is good to the ears. Moreover, it is good to choose the speakers as they are cheap and anyone can afford them. The article above shows the features of the speakers with their advantages and disadvantages, which give one the idea of the reasons for using the speaker when listening to music and its shortcomings.

Finally, the buying guide describes the essential things one must consider before buying a speaker or deciding on the kind of speaker to buy. Follow the guide carefully to identify the important features and the features of the Cerwin Vega at-12 when you are interested in buying it.

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