Carver Mxr 130 Review- Quick Guide

Carver mxr 130 is the first type of receiver to exist in the market. Carver mxr 130 exists as a combination of the carver’s C-1 amplifier, TX-11 Asymmetrical Charge connected Detector F.M.F.M. tuner, and a TFM-25 amplifier. The receiver works to a maximum output power of 130 watts, making it have some failures with its performance. In addition, the receiver has resistors with particular sizes near it, which causes issues with much heat sometimes.

The carver mxr 130 has a design that can provide enough power an individual needs for their system due to the growth in the technology of the virtual noise-free stereo F.M.F.M. reception that makes its performance better. In addition, the receiver produces live music when it connects to its speakers and produces high-intensity peaks when producing sound.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the carver mxr 130, which is the first resistor to exist since it is from a combination of some other devices. The guide consists of the advantages and disadvantages of the receiver then later discusses the factors to consider when buying the product.

Features and benefits of carver mxr 130

carver mxr 130 review
  • Origin: The origin of the carver mxr 130 receivers is the United states.
  • Tuning range:  the tuning range of the receiver is in both F.M.F.M. and M.W.M.W.
  • Power output: the output power f the carver mrx 130 receiver is to a maximum of 130 watts per channel into 8Ω
  • Frequency response: the frequency response of the carver mxr 130 receiver ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%
  • Signal to noise ratio: 82dB (MM), 90dB (line)
  • Appearance: the outside cover of the receiver is wood with a color that ranges from silver, gray and black.


  • Has tuning sections.
  • Has a magnetic moving  phono preamp
  • Quality brown sound


  • Requires extensions of modding to work better.
  • Auxiliary input needs separate ground wire.

Although the carver mxr 130 requires some extensions with its parts to perform and some other modifications, it has the tuning sections that make work easier for the user and produce quality sound after connecting it to the speakers.

Factors to consider when buying carver mxr 130

Factors to consider when buying carver mxr 130

a. Power

Power in a receiver must be the first important factor to consider when a receiver since the power in the speaker and other devices must handle the power in the receiver. When the power in the receiver is higher than the one in the speaker, then the two devices cannot communicate. Remember, the receiver works with power that does not exceed 130 watts. Therefore, consider choosing a receiver with fewer watts than the speaker, or else the receiver can damage the speaker when trying to connect them if the speaker has less power.

b. Personal preference and experience

Choose a receiver that will work well in your device to select a receiver that maybe you know or have experience with. Sometimes, people get the experiences from friends using such receivers to understand how they are moving on with their use. If your former experience is wrong, you need to change it and get a different one that can improve its working at your place, but if the one before is cool, you still choose to repurchase it.

c. Connection compatibility

When buying a receiver, consider choosing one that connects with the external devices that you want to communicate while listening to music like the speakers. Therefore, ensure the receiver has enough input units to enhance the connection. The different types of links are like the iPods connectors, Phono for turntables, and USB for laptops and other computers in the house. The connectors have options, too, so choose the best quality to produce quality sound.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How much is the cost of the carver mxr 130, and where can you get it from?

Carver mxr 130 is a receiver that can cost less cash in that anyone can purchase it. It is cheap, making the maintenance cost and repair affordable since the replacement parts are reasonable and the fixing process is inexpensive. It is good to use the carver mxr 130 for use as it requires less cash in its total life. When you want to buy a carver mrx receiver, you can visit Amazon shops or sites and eBay sites to offer quality products at affordable prices. The shops are good as they provide online services and promote door-to-door delivery after paying for the product.


The article above shows the carver mxr 130, which includes the output power, sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, origin, appearance, and size. After that are the advantages where the receiver produces good sounds to the speaker and makes the music feel lively. The disadvantages are that it requires several extensions to make its performance better.

Lastly is the buying guide that directs an individual on the factors to consider when purchasing the receiver. Before buying a product, consider checking your experience with it, the price, size of the receiver, and other factors that you feel are good for you.

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