Carver m500t Review- A Complete Guide

 Carver m500t is an amplifier that produces loud volumes of sound and good quality acoustics that is a source of enjoyment to individuals listening to music. When having parties, movie nights, and any occasion, so long as you listen to music, carver m500t amplifiers are the best to use. Carver m500t is an old version of amplifiers but still produces good tunes attractive to the ears. The carver m500t amplifier has a power of about 700 Watts and two channels that increase quality sound production.

The carver m500t is an amplifier and is the most accessible type of amplifier to connect if you need a connection with other external devices due to the faster frequency response that is about 20Hz in that one can crisp and disconnect the notes across the whole system. In addition, the carver m500t has modern technology that can remove the background noise that is not calling and give space for the excellent and sweet tunes to take charge.

The article below shows the features and benefits of carver m500t, the advantages and disadvantages of the carver m500t amplifier, which offers the reasons for using the amplifier in a speaker, and finally, the buying guide which includes the factors to consider when purchasing the carver m500t amplifier from the shop. 

Features and benefits of Carver m500t

carver m500t review
  • Frequency response: the frequency response of the carver m 500t amplifier is about 20Hz.
  • Signal to noise ratio:  the signal to noise ratio of the carver m500t is about 120dB.
  • Number of channels: the carver m500t is an amplifier that supports two tracks: the stereo and the mono speakers.
  • Sensitivity ratio: the carver m500t is 1.75 volts that make it connect faster to the external devices.
  • Output power: the output power of the carver m500t is about 700 Watts.
  • Size: The carver m500t is in length, width, and height which are 12.5 inches by 17.5 inches by 3.5 inches.


  • Causes the compact disks to sound warm and analog.
  • It looks good


  • Lacks a clear high-end and punch line.
  • Colors the music sound unevenly.

Factors to consider when buying the carver m500t

Factors to consider when buying the carver m500t

a. Power

Power is an essential factor when choosing an amplifier since amplifiers consume much power when connecting with the speaker to produce good music. Therefore, the amplifier must deliver double the amount of watts the speaker handles such that when the speaker uses the power of about 700 watts, the amplifier must have 1400 watts for the two devices to communicate and produce quality tunes in their music.

b. User experience

User experience is the user’s knowledge about a product. When buying an amplifier, consider checking the experience you have on the kind of amplifier to buy. If you have no experience, consider asking friends or relatives to guide you according to their experience. Suppose your former experience with the amplifier is positive. In that case, you can choose to buy the same kind of amplifier. Still, when your experience with the former amplifier is negative, you can decide to change and select a different one according to the advice you have, ideas, or sound amplifier.

c. Type of amplifiers

The type of amplifiers is different as it has different ranges in the market. When buying an amplifier, the kind of amplifiers matter according to their circuitry that always ranges from other classes, which are from class A to class D. Normally, the quality of sound in class A amplifiers is always better than the quality of sound in class D amplifiers. The quality of the amplifiers varies according to the alphabetical movement of letters, where class A amplifiers are the highest, and the rate lowers as you move down.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it reasonable to test an amplifier in the shop before paying for it?

Testing an amplifier in the shop is a crucial thing to do as you can know how to use the amplifier and can also ask the manufacturer about anything you doubt about the connection for clarification. The first thing to check is if the amplifier is compatible with the speaker you connect to enhance sound production. 

In testing, test the whole system and open any necessary parts to confirm the state of the details. After checking the features, consider asking the manufacturer a few things about your experience with the product to identify the simple mistakes that affect the product’s functionality.

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Carver m500t is an amplifier for producing a quality sound so long as there is a good connection with the speakers in any place. The article above shows the carver m500t from the frequency range, size, signal to noise ratio, and other additional features of the amplifier. The parts are best to consider as the specification of the amplifier since it helps you identify the kind of amplifier you wish to have.

Follow the article to identify the features; then later there are the advantages and disadvantages of the carver m500t and the factors to consider when buying the amplifier. The factors to consider help guide the buyer on the things to look at before buying the amplifier, including the power it uses, the price, and other relevant factors.

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