Cambridge Sound Works Model 6 Review

Cambridge sound works model 6 is a line of loudspeakers that have a habit of providing extra quality sounds at an affordable price. Cambridge model 6 is among the newest model of speakers after the existence of Kloss speakers. Cambridge sound works model 6 is a two-way system with a curve design to add on its beautiful impression to the surrounding.

Cambridge sound works model 6 is a bookshelf type of speaker in the stereo model with an attractive image producing the best of its performance when it comes to sound.  Cambridge has a satisfactory sound that is natural and accurate to bring a relaxed environment for its listeners. In addition, it has a reasonable size that can suit a big room or house as it produces sounds with balance.

The article above discusses the features of the Cambridge sound works model 6, its advantages, the reasons it is the best for use, and the weaknesses. Lastly, it has the factors to consider when buying the sound works since they are the guide to show an individual the thing they must check before choosing it for use. Identify the qualities of the model below as it contains more information about it.

Features and benefits of cambridge sound works model 6

cambridge soundworks model 6
  • Type of speakers:   the Cambridge model 6 is a bookshelf speaker, producing quality sounds that satisfy the listeners.
  • Price: the average cost of the model is cheap according to the nature of the materials on its surfaces and the appearance.
  • Appearance: Cambridge sound works model 6 is an attractive speaker with a wood grain material made of oak, teak, and black ash. It also has a cloth that is permanent on its surfaces that promotes its attractive appearance.
  • Lifespan: since the speaker’s outside cover is a natural oak tree, and it can stay for long.  The permanent cloth on its surfaces enhances the lifespan of the speaker as it is durable.
  • Size: the Cambridge sound works model 6 is a speaker that is 8 inches, acoustic suspension speaker.


  • It is cheap.
  • It is attractive.
  • It is durable as one can use it for a long time.


  • Poor compatibility with guitars

Even though the Cambridge sound works model 6 is not compatible with guitars when one needs to connect them, the speakers are cheap enough that anyone can afford to purchase them for use. Furthermore, the speakers are attractive such that it is eye-catching to people that can easily make the desire to buy it. The good thing with it again is that it is durable due to the natural materials making it like the oak that extends its lifespan since it cannot easily break.

Factors to consider when buying a Cambridge sound works model 6

Factors to consider when buying a Cambridge sound works model 6

1. Power output

Power output is the energy that the sound works to produce loud music. When the room is more significant, the speaker must be more prominent to generate much power that fills the entire room but not to the neighbors. The average amount of energy that well fits any room is 100W loud enough to accommodate you. 100W of power is loud enough to blow the roof of a room even if you have a party.

2. Connectivity

When buying a speaker, consider choosing one that connects with the external devices that you want to communicate while listening to music like the guitars. Therefore, ensure the speaker has enough input units to enhance the connection. The different types of links are like the iPods connectors, Phono for turntables, and USB for laptops and other computers in the house. The connectors have options, too, so choose the best quality to produce quality sound.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Can a Cambridge sound works model 6 connect to a television via Bluetooth?

The Cambridge model can connect to a TV or any other device so long as you follow the steps for connecting the two. In this case, when connecting to the TV, open the television and press the Bluetooth option to turn it on. Next, turn the Bluetooth of the Cambridge on so that they can pair. The pairing process occurs in the television as it will search for the available device and connect to it. The connecting process is straightforward and cannot waste any time provided the Bluetooth option in all the devices.


Cambridge sound works model 6 is an excellent-sounding speaker for use in the house or instead with any party as it provides quality sound with a balance that cannot distract the neighbors. The article above shows the model’s features where it is attractive in the appearance due to its nature, cheap and best for use. It also has the advantages and disadvantages of using it in the house. Then lastly, the buying guide shows the things to major on before purchasing the product.

Therefore follow the article to identify if the features best satisfy you and the buying guide before choosing to stick on it. When using the Cambridge speaker, consider checking its manual with the type of connections it can make and the type of cables it uses for connection. Choose to use the model above as it is long-lasting.

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