Boston Acoustics a70 Review- Easy Guide

The Boston A70 was created to create a new, lower-cost point of diminishing returns in loudspeaker performance. To achieve this purpose, the speaker must have a very wide and smooth frequency response, minimal distortion, high efficiency, and imaging capability while being relatively uncritical in-room placement and less expensive than speakers with equal performance.

The loudspeaker cabinet is the first decision a designer must make because it directly impacts bass response, imaging, and cost. The optimum bass/efficiency combination is a full-sized bookshelf enclosure, but a competently designed one is too pricey for a speaker in the A70s price range.

As a result, a cabinet with an interior volume of around one cubic foot was chosen as the most cost-effective alternative. A front panel size to cabinet depth aspect ratio that recent Boston acoustics suggested would produce the best imaging capacity.

Features of Boston Acoustics a70

Boston acoustics a70

Boston Acoustic a70 speakers are well-known for reproducing a realistic stereo image, which adds realism and satisfaction to the listening experience. The A70’s compact form not only makes it easy to arrange the speaker discreetly in a room but also minimizes extraneous sounds that would otherwise muddy the stereo picture. As a result, the image appears sharp and focused.

A tweeter suited to the woofer in terms of the radiation pattern is another feature that helps to effective imagery. Regular tweeters have the drawback of radiating sound forward in a narrow pattern, similar to how a flashlight does.

On the other hand, all woofers radiate across a wide area, similar to a table light. The tweeter of the A70 radiates in a wide range of frequencies, making the woofer and tweeter a well-matched pair. As a result, the stereo image is distinct and clear. On the other hand, all woofers radiate across a wide area, similar to a table light. The tweeter of the A70 radiates in a wide range of frequencies, making the woofer and tweeter a well-matched pair. As a result, the stereo image is distinct and clear.

In its pricing range, the best mix of range and accuracy. The A70 keeps the right balance while going deeper into the bass than any other speaker in its price range. The quality of the drivers plays a significant role. The tweeter is identical to the one found in the most costly model. The woofer is an 8-inch hefty driver designed to deliver the optimum combination of heavy bass and effectiveness. It reproduces the lowest notes in music, which are rarely heard by most listeners unless during live performances.

From as little as 15 watts, you can create a room-sized sound. The sound of two A70 speakers will fill an average-sized room overflowing with relatively little power. With a receiver or amplifier as low as 15 watts per channel, the A70 performs admirably. Because of its efficiency, you can save money on your receiver or amplifier while still getting superb performance.

Its specifications

Its specifications

The Boston acoustics a70 loudspeakers have a frequency response of 40 hertz to 25 000 hertz positive 3 decibels and a resistance of approximately six ohms. The sensitivity rate is one watt that produces 90 decibels at a meter. Its low frequency is 8 inches long, and it has a focused magnet gap that is assembled for low distortion.  Its high frequency has a 25 millimeters doom tweeter that has a Ferrofluid cooling.

It has a crossover frequency of 2000 hertz. The recommended amplifier power for the Boston acoustics a70 loudspeakers is 15 watts to 75 watts for each channel. Its power rating is approximately 75 W and a maximum of 150 W. The Boston acoustics a70 loudspeakers have an internal volume of 28 l.

The cabinet is made of wood grain. The Boston acoustics a70 loudspeakers dimensions are; 365 millimeters in width, 610 millimeters in height, by 203 millimeters in depth. It weighs 26 pounds.


  • Midrange that’s big and pleasing
  • There’s a lot of auditory detail here.
  • Exceptionally synergistic


  • The subwoofer isn’t very musical.
  • The center channel is a little muted.
  • There are no threaded inserts.

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The loudspeakers are the most important part of a stereo system. Because they are devices you hear, the system can never be better than it is; if your speakers aren’t up to par, accuracy, and enjoyment will decrease. The Boston Acoustic A70 is a very accurate music reproducer. The A70 can picture more accurately than most speakers at any price, in addition to correctly reproducing the whole audible spectrum of music. A precise stereo image enhances the realism of a scene.

The Boston Acoustics A series is an excellent illustration of what the art of compromise in engineering and design can achieve for a speaker when done correctly. The speakers don’t have top-of-the-line cabinetry or high-end finishing. Still, they deliver high-quality sound that is highly musical and a cut above many of the competition’s similarly priced products. The Boston Acoustics A series are well worth considering if you’re looking for a versatile, musical speaker system that also happens to be stylish and affordable.

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