Bic Venturi v1020 Review- Complete Guides

Bic venturi v1020 is a type of subwoofer with a specific size mainly for providing strong bass. A Bic subwoofer gets the bass design purposely to add on the response of bass sound. The bass sound in the subwoofer is loud enough and clear to the surroundings due to the number of watts it contains.  The venturi produces a clear base through the removal of air turbulence when the volume is high.

To enforce the bass in the Bic venturi, ensure the frequency is at a good level, and the power it receives is cool for starting the subwoofer. The size also is to be to some inches for the perfect match in a room.

The article below shows the features of the Bic venturi v1020, the advantages and disadvantages of the product then the factors to consider when buying it. Follow the guide to identify the features and the factors before buying. The guide helps to provide some knowledge to you before making a decision.

Features of Bic venturi v1020

Bic venturi v1020
  • Appearance: the Bic venturi v1020 subwoofer is a black device with an oak material that provides a beautiful outside appearance.
  • Power: the overall power the Bic venturi v1020 uses is approximately 340 Watts.
  • Frequency: the frequency of the subwoofer is the response level of the woofer, which is 26Hz to 180Hz.
  • Size: the subwoofer is 10inches in size with 19.9 inches by 19.7 inches by 19.25 inches which are the lengths, width, and height, respectively.
  • Warranty: The Bic venturi v1020 has a warranty period of 7 years that you can do replacements or repair for free from the manufacturer.
  • Price: The price of the subwoofer is quite expensive but affordable to many users; hence people recommend their friends to buy this kind of subwoofer.


  • Produces a better power output.
  • The base sound is clear.
  • It is easy to connect since it is wired.
  • It is attractive due to the black oak material.


  • It is expensive.
  • Best for small rooms only.

The Bic venturi v1020 seems to be expensive, and one can only use it in small rooms, but they provide the best quality of bass, which is clear and attractive to the surrounding.

Factors to consider when buying the Bic venturi v1020

Factors to consider when buying the Bic venturi v1020
  • Price

The price of the Bic venturi v1020 helps one choose a subwoofer that is affordable to them such that they can maintain it in case of any problems. On the other hand, if one has enough cash, you can choose an expensive subwoofer as they have good quality and unique features that will increase the production of bass in the room.

  • Size

Choose a subwoofer with a size that will blend with the room. For example, a large Bic venturi v1020 provides a bad image in a small room as it occupies a big space, while a very small Bic venturiv1020 is not good in the house. Therefore, choose the medium size of a Bic venturi subwoofer that well matches most rooms in a house to provide bass that you are comfortable with.

  • Type

The Bic venturi v1020 subwoofer must be powered to have the power to start and produce the bass. The subwoofers that are not powered can fail to produce the quality clear bass the powered subwoofer produces.

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Frequently asked questions;

  • Can user experience be a factor to consider when buying a Bic venturiv1020?

User experience is a major factor to consider when buying a Bic venturiv10; since you are using the experience, you have to decide whether you can use the product again or not. When for example, the Bic venture you are using is not providing quality bass and has issues with the output power or overall does not satisfy your preference, you can quit choosing it again for use, but if the one you are using is providing quality results and that is durable that you feel best, you can still choose it.

Therefore, the user experience can be a factor to consider when buying a Bic venturiv1020 because you cannot choose a sub-woofer that you know has bad qualities.


The article above discusses the Bic venturiv1020 model of subwoofers that originates from America. The name Bic is the brand name of the product. In the guide, there are the product features if you have an interest in it and the factors to consider when buying it, not forgetting the pros and cons of the product.

Therefore follow the details of the product carefully to determine if they fit your preference or not. However, for this product, it is the best for use in a small room as it provides bass of good quality that is clearer to the user.

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