5 Best Cat Ear Headphones In 2022-Review And Buying Guide

When you want to spend your leisure time doing something like-Gaming or listening to music, a pair of headphones is almost a must needed. In fact, nowadays, Gaming is the best way to spend leisure time. It can help you to relieve stress. 

Not only that, it helps to build up a magical spirit to win. So, making these headphones stylish, groovy for taking your life a little bit more stylish is a good idea, Sure?

 In that case, the best cat ear headphones are making it easy to be more stylish and fashionable.


Day by day, The usage of mobile phones, laptops, tablets is growing rapidly. Along with these, Headphones are also becoming one of the most important things in our life.

It plays a role in increasing the overall audio experience. Certainly, the importance of headphones in our life is beyond.

Moreover, If you are a good music listener and you can’t imagine yourself without music then you must need to have a good pair of headphones.

And also if you like to see yourself as cute while listening to music then, having the best cat ear headphones is a good idea.

When you are looking for sustainable headphones, you must need to consider some factors as well as if you want to buy the best cat ear headphones.

We have got a list – the best cat ear headphones after a well depth research. Hope, you will enjoy our review and get the best one that suits your taste.

Let’s start ………


Top 5 Best Cat Ear Headphones List-

Product Name

Product Image


Check Price

Riwbox CT-7S Bluetooth Headphone


The Fos Power Headphone


The Luckyu Wireless Headphone


Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headphone


Somic G951s Headphone



5 Best Cat Ear Headphones Reviews :

Okay, now we are going to review the 5 best cat ear headphones:


1. Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphone

The Riwbox CT-7S headphone is funky and fantastic accessories for kids/Teens/Children. Firstly, It has two unique colors that make it amazing. For this reason, everyone will be attracted to this beauty.

These headphones have LED lights that will blow your mind. It has also an amazing feature to turn on and off the lights that ensure long-lasting battery life.

Even, you can use it while playing games with live streaming, your followers will love you to see with the fantastic headphones. Using that headphone surely you will be looking so pretty and cute.

After all, The quality of the material of the headphones is so good. Your children can use it in any way and there’s no worry about the possibility of damaging the accessories.


Key Features-

1. Powerful 40 mm speaker with the Alta technology – the Bluetooth 5.0 makes sure the good audio quality keeps and improves the balance of the audio experience.

2. There is no hassle for matching with your device again and again. Once you have done, next time your headphone would be connected automatically by just switching on the headphone.

3. There is a voice reminder option to alert the battery level.

4. Riwbox D1 braided audio interface cable – makes clear voice while calling someone or listening to music.

5. Easy to control both sides of the previous and next songs; also sound control.



1. Available sound control option approximately 85dB.

2. Unique and stylish design.

3. Perfect for kids to easily use.

4.Durable and adorable.

5.Bluetooth with optional Aux Card. 

6. Both wireless and wired modes are available.

7. Parts replacement warranty for 1 year.


1. Battery might be damage due to lights

2.Limitation of wireless capability.


2.The Fos Power Kids Headphones

First of all, It’s Looking so stylish and fashionable. The Fos Power Headphones are suitable for active kids who do not have the concentration about their accessories. There’s no worry about the possibility of damage to these headphones. 

 Indeed, Kids can use the Fos Power Headphones to listen to music without causing any permanent damage to hearing. Because The Fos Power Headphones provide a good sound quality at limited Volume.

Surely, you can select those headphones for kids If you want your kids to enjoy music at a limited volume with safe ears.


Key Features:

1. Alternative Colors-beautiful Lights Purple Or Hot Pink color.

2. Vibrant Led Cat lights – this option gives the chance to light up the room. This awesome features giving them to flash continuously by clicking a button simply with two types of models.

3. The Laced Cable – ensures strength and reduces the total pain of cable management.

4. Speakers size is 3.5 mm

5. Maximum 85 dB is safe for childs.

5. Warranty for a short time



1. Stylish  and Fashionable Design

2. Volume limiting features available for safe Volume and Fit

3. Durable and Flexible

4.Protectable from tear and wear.

5. Padded ear cushions are available for a better listening experience.


1. Sound Quality and Volume can fall a little bit low.


3. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

If you don’t like the wired headphones, then you can select in your list the Luckyu Wireless Cat Ear Headphones. First thing to remember, The Luckyu Headphone has 7 different colors.

So, you can choose one among those according to your wish. The headphones look so fantastic and funky.

In fact, It is so comfortable to use. Also, the headband is adjustable for everyone’s head. Even, you can connect the luckyu headphones with all other devices which have supported bluetooth features.  

Moreover, you can easily use these as wired headphones if you want. Overall,It would be a great choice for both children and adults. But should be careful while kids are using it.


Key Features-

1. Changing mode of 7 colors LED Lights of the headsets.

2. The wireless headphone comes with a super powerful battery- 900 mah rechargeable lithium battery which is rechargeable.

3. With a single charge, the wireless headphone can playing music for 72 hours.

4. 105°Swiveling earcups and portable size which are consistent for easy use.

5. 5.0 Bluetooth Technology

6. Compatibility for various devices like-  IPad, Laptop, Smart Phone, Computer and so on. 



1. Lightweight and foldable design

2. Noise Cancellation Features available

3. Suitable for long time use

4. Comes with a built-in microphone as well

5. High-Quality audio and Volume Controller.

6. Both Wired and wireless mood available

7. Controlling calls and music is easy.


1. In the summer season, it can be a bit warm

2. It’s not as durable as previous headphones were.


4.Razer Kraken Kitty Cat Ear Gaming Headphones-

In general, you may know Razar is one of the most popular and biggest manufacturers of gaming accessories. Did you know that Razar creates cat ear headphones? Okay, they make.

The Razer Kraken Kitty headphones give a feature of lighting for the RGB. Not only for cat ear headphones but also for headed snake logo areas and the triple, they have added a chroma lighting feature.

Another key point, you can use it for a long time while gaming without the bad effect on your ears. Because it has an option for an inline volume controller which helps to control the sounds according to your wish.

Even it has a retractable mic and can reduce the background noise too. 

It is consistent for various devices like- computers, iPad, laptops, smartphones etc. At all, we can say easily that The Razer Kraken Kitty headphone is a dream for every gamer. 


Key Features-

1. THX 7.1 Spatial Sound which gives the best audio experience.

2. Stream responsible RGM Light can make more interaction among the audience and you. 

3. Oval, cooling gel infused cushions used for protecting the pressure and overheating. 

4. Cardioid Mic with active noise cancellation.

5. Controls in on earcup audio.

6. USB Connector used for connecting with devices.

7. Extra feature for Windows 10 64bit – THX Spatial Audio.

8. Available colors- Quartz Pink, Black, and Green.

9. Durable Aluminium Frame.



1. Super comfortable and durable

2. Strong Bass sound

3. Fantastic sounds quality

4. RGM Lighting theme and Customizable colors –  effects

5. Sound volume adjustable


1. Short Microphone

2. The cable used for sound control is a little bit sensorial for external touch.

3. No headphone Jack Pack.


5. Somic G951 Cat Ear Headphones

If you are searching headphones for a good experience while gaming as well as stylish and adorable, Then The Somic G951 is super perfect for you. Particularly, It will help you to get the 4D feel and superb sound quality while gaming.

The quality of the mic and sound are fantastic. Expressly, It would be great matching with a purple gaming chair.

Additionally, The Somic G951 offers background noise reduction technology that will help you to enjoy music or gaming if you are in a crowded place.

The noise cancelation option helps to reduce the over cushioning for noise around you and makes a comfortable zone for you.

Even after using it for a long time, your kids would never feel any hassle. The Somic G951 has an amazing feature that helps to adjust according to the user’s head size.

 As well as, It has various color options like- pink, black and purple. Definitely, It is one of the most popular headphones of cat ear designed among young girls.


Key Features-

1. LED Lights that ensures amazing gaming effects.

2. The high-quality speakers, size – 40 mm deliver high, medium, low frequency in detail.

3. 3.5 mm compatible Plug.

4. Compatibility in various platforms like- Xbox one, PS4, computer, laptop and so on.

5. Microphone which can be rotating 360 degrees to pick up the voice

6. Various colors- Pink. Black and Purple.



1. Noise Cancelling system available.

2. Full Controller function for operating with worth.

3. Headband is easily adjustable

4.Comfortable for long time listening and breathable earmuffs

5.Lightweight and attractive design

6.Detachable cat ear


1. Might be not easy to use with glasses.

2.Wires get easily restricted.


When you wanna buy the best cat ear headphones, Make sure the 8 factors that we are going to discuss below (we have done also for our research)


1. Colors and Design:

We know that cat ear headphones are favorite for their stylish, fashionable, and ergonomic design. At the present time, there are many types of headphones available in different colors in the market.

Some of the headphones are multiple colored which also has fancy LED lights.

 Even many of them have detachable ears and accent lights. Moreover, you can switch on/off them according to your desire. So, before picking up headphones, select those that have a unique and cute design.


2. Easy of use:

Anime fangirls, kids, and women use the cat ear headphones more than adults. So, you should make sure of the handy uses before buying these types of headphones. 

It should be to ensure easiness of management or controlling of the cat ears headphones like- connectivity, charging, adjustment button, and relevant features.


3. Active Noise cancellation:

You should be careful about the noise reduction feature before buying a headphone. Maybe you don’t need that feature everywhere but if you want to listen to favorite music or gaming in the surrounding of a traffic city or crowded place then, you must need it.

Particularly, these awesome features reduce the surrounding sound and make it so much more comfortable. So, make sure about it.


4.Wired and Wireless:

Nowadays, both wireless and wired headphones are available in the market. You can buy according to your wish. Many people don’t like wired headphones, they might be thinking that wires spoil the look.

 If you don’t like complicated wires then you can move to wireless or Bluetooth headphones. However, you have to pay a little bit more money for wireless headphones. 


5. Comforts

Before buying a headphone, you need to check the comforts of that headphone. You should check the headband and the built-in material of the ear cup.

Because, those cat ear design headphone’s headbands and ear cups are roofed with Faux leather, not well for us.

 In the summer season, it will make your ears sweaty. Also, make sure the adjustments of the headband will make it easier while using.


6. Durability

A pair of cat ear headphones are the most stylish, fashionable and foldable headphones in the current market. The manufacturers made this type of headphones keeping in mind the durability. Whatever it would be or not, you should check it manually.


7. Battery life

Ensure a long-lasting battery when you are buying wireless headphones. If you are a travel lover then you need to stay more times outside of the home. 

In that case, you need a pair of headphones to cheer you. That time, you need a headphone which has a long time battery backup. So, make sure about it.


8. Price

Price is the most important factor while buying a headphone. You should choose good headphones keeping in mind your budget.


Why are people loving too much cat ear headphones?

Cat ear headphones look so stylish and fashionable. So, People getting crazy over cat ear headphones for some specific reasons.

These include-

1. The design of cat ear headphones is totally unique. Besides, A big number of the best cat ear headphones come in the market which have speakers placed with cat ears.

2. The cat ear headphones are usable for both adults and kids. It would be used as a gift, especially it would be best for the young child. 

If you want to know the evolution and history of the headphones, then read this article


Final Thoughts

 Everyone wants to have a good pair of headphones. Day by day it’s getting a fashion and style. If you are a man who loves cats and enamored by animals then I must sure you are love wearing cat headphones. In that case, you must need to know about the best cat ear headphones.

Shortly, It would be said that one of the best cat ear headphones is Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Headphones. It is a premium quality gaming headset with affordable prices. It has also the best-LED color changing lights, volume controller and also can be used both in wire and wireless mode.

Secondly, the runner from our list is The Fos Power Headphones. Built-in with durability and also has LED lighting that is too impressive. It would be best for children who are active and having a lack of care for their accessories. 

Now, you know the details about the cat ear headphones. Hope also, you have selected one(without much more confusion) that you wanted and matched with your desire from the above list of headphones that we have given.


We are giving a list of some questions that should know; hope, after knowing that all the remaining confusion will go. 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are cat ear headphones wireless?

There are both types of headphones available in the market- wired and wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are actually Bluetooth headphones.

So, We’ve selected wireless and wired headphones in the above list of top 5 cat ear headphones


2. Which one is better among the wired and non-wired cat ear headphones ?.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers of headphones are making the headphones featuring both options- wireless and wired. It’s giving more advantages to the users. You can use your headphones in case the battery recedes. 


3. How important is having a warranty?

Normally, warranty is one kind of security. When a headphone comes with warranty means you will get service at no cost if you find any problem with the product after purchasing.

 In fact, sometimes you will get a replacement guarantee for a certain time. If you do not get it, ask where you are buying from.


4. What is the advantage of volume controller technology in headphones?

The technology which is used for controlling the sound volume of the headphones gives the safety of your ears from hearing damage. It controls up to 84 or 85 dB that helps to save our eardrums from the bad effect of extra sounds.


5. How to connect cat over ear headphones with Bluetooth?

 Steps -1

Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned and ensure you are staying a little bit of distance ( 33 feet or less than 33 feet away ) from the devices.


 To turn on the toggle, click and hold Bluetooth on the headphones. Allow light to settle for the predictor.


When your Bluetooth headset has been in pairing mode, pick “Cat headset” or whatever the name of your device. The headphones will give you a message that “Paired Succeeded”. This is the way to connect with Bluetooth of cat ear headphones.


If there’s any question about that article-(best cat ear headphones), just comment below them

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