Audio Technica at92e Review- Complete Guide

Audio Technica at92e is an elliptical cartridge that fits turntables that are half inches in size or P-mount tables. It is a cartridge with quality features with a good elliptical shape diamond form with fewer inches, mostly for scanning the radius. The good thing about this audio Technica is that it provides accurate results after recording the sounds of the music and responds to it with the true results without over-modifying them.

The audio Technica at92e is good for use since one can decide to change it with time so long as the replacement parts are the same as the cartridge. The cartridge originates from the western continents in Japan, which is the leading producer of machinery.

The article above shows the features and benefits of the audio Technica at92e, the advantages and disadvantages, and lastly, the buying guide, which shows the qualities to follow when buying the cartridge for use.

Audio Technica at92e Features and benefits

audio technica at92e review
  • Frequency: the frequency response of the audio Technica at92e is a bit good as it ranges from 15 Hz to 27000 HZ
  • Weight: the audio Technica at92e is 1 to 1.5 grams such that they represent the force of tracking vertically.
  • Mode of construction: the audio Technica at92e has a round design and has bonds shanks with it.
  • Current: the current level of the audio Technica at92e is about 47000 ohms.
  • Channel separation; the mode of separation of the channels in this audio Technica is in frequency as it is 29 over 18 dB from 1 kHz to 10 kHz.


  • It is cheap; hence everyone can afford to purchase one and maintain it.
  • One can change the specifications to meet their desires.
  • Best cartridge for use.


  • Poor class of cartridges

Although the audio Technica at92e is of a poor class, it is still the best old cartridge to use since you can change the specs and modify them to new quality features. Moreover, it is cheap to buy, meaning the maintenance cost is also cheap.

Factors to consider when buying audio Technica at92e

Factors to consider when buying audio Technica at92e
  • Personal preference and experience

Choose a cartridge that will work well in your device to select a cartridge that maybe you know or have experience with. Sometimes people get the experiences from friends using such cartridges to know how they are moving on with the one they are using. If your former experience is bad, you need to change it and get a different one that can improve its working at your place, but if the one before is cool, you still choose to buy it again.

  • Size and weight

A bigger cartridge will always be heavier and hence not perfect for replacement when you want to replace it in your device. Therefore you are to give it time and work for it, which is time-consuming, while a smaller one is lighter and hence can be portable and makes replacement work easier.

  • Frequency response

Choose a cartridge with a faster frequency response level such that it can produce quality results faster and on time without wasting your time waiting for it to load. Conversely, cartridges will have slower frequency response levels as you have to wait for the cartridge to receive power slowly, and then later produce poor quality results.

  • Price

Price matters a lot when choosing a product to buy at any place since you cannot decide to buy a product that you know you cannot afford but instead choose to buy a product that you can buy. Therefore, in this case, choose a product that seems cheaper if you have less cash or a quality cartridge if you have enough cash.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can one replace the audio Technica at92e cartridges?

To replace the above cartridges, you need to visit Amazon shops to purchase the replacement and ask for a technician to help in the replacement process. Failure to follow this may be because you buy a tool that is not compatible with the audio Technica hence can cause damages to it.


The article above discusses the features of the Audio Technica at92e, the advantages and disadvantages, and lastly, the buying guide, which is a directory on what you can consider when deciding on buying a cartridge for use at your place.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to identify the factors that help you get a quality product. The advantages give you the important things you will gain from using the products, while the disadvantages are the product’s side effects. 

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