Appj mini2013 6j1+6p1 Review-Complete Review

The latest appj mini2013 6J1+6P1 tube amplifier features two 6J1 driver tubes and two 6P1 power tubes, providing excellent noise performance and power output for the price. It’s well-made, with a robust metal chassis in your preferred color and enough power to run your favorite bookshelf speakers.

Moreover, there are many factors to consider before purchasing the product. For instance, look at all specifications, including power requirements, noise quality, among others, to get the best product of your choice.

The article below summarises the appj mini2013 6J1+6P1 tube amplifier, its features, advantages and disadvantages. Also, read the article and follow the important tips before buying the device.

Features of appj mini2013 6j1 + 6p1 minitube amplifier

appj mini2013 6j1+6p1 review

Measurements: The appj mini2013 has unique measurements. The sizes are; 166mm height, 124mm width and 132mm diameter, 124*166*132mm. If the system comes as a package, the packing dimensions are; 155mm height, 186mm width and 186mm diameter, 155*186*186mm.

Weight: The device is lightweight making the shipping activity easier. The weight is approximately 1.7 kg without a package, but when it comes with the package, it weighs about 2.0 kg.

Power requirements: The appj mini2013 device holds power up to 35 watts. Connecting devices that consume more power to the appj mini2013 may blow out the device since it drains more power than the power present. The power output is 3watts plus 3 watts at 8 ohms.

Impedance: The device contains different input and output impedance. The input impedance is approximately 10K ohms, while the output resistance is around 8/6/4 ohms. Frequency: appj mini2013 responds to a frequency ranging from 30khz to 40khz. With such frequency response, its crossover responds at +-1 DB.

Input sensitivity rate: Input sensitivity is measured in millivoltage using a voltmeter. The device has an input sensitivity of 500Mv that is different from other similar functioning devices.

Input alternative current: The device supports an input AC that ranges from 100 Vac to 350 Vac. The AC supports the current changing process from low to high and vice versa. The AC is standard and has fuse protection of 2A.

Signal to noise detection ratio: The signal ratio of the strength of the electricity to that of unwanted electrical interference is approximately 3 watts which are 80 decibels (DB).

Power and drive tubes: Both drive and power tubes differ, with the power tubes being 6P1 and the drive tubes being 6J1.

Residual noise: It supports residual noise of approximately one mVac.

Output and input. The output and input of the appj mini2013 are banana jackets and RCA jackets, respectively. The device lacks a power cord that supplies power.

  • Delivered after order.
  • Comes in different attractive colors.
  • High input sensitivity.
  • Supports alternative current.
  • Comes with a safety fuse of 2A.
  • Lightweight for easy shipping.
  • Good packaging.
  • High-frequency response.
  • Excellent and clear sound production.
  • Low bass or no bass.
  • Produces low sound, especially for a larger room.

Factors to consider when buying appj mini2013 6j+6p1

Factors to consider when buying appj mini2013 6j+6p1

There are several factors you must consider before buying a new appj. The tips enable you to get the best appj mini2013 device that will last longer. The factors include the following;

  • Condition of the device

First, check the condition of the device if you are buying it directly from a shop. Check all parts and test to see if they are functioning as required. If not, try choosing another device of the same model. But, if you want to order online through websites such as amazon, consider reading all the device’s specifications and carry out a thorough research concerning the product to ensure it suits your preference.

Also, agree with the seller for return if the device is faulty since it has no warranty. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a high-quality device to avoid spending money on buying another machine.

  • Design and color

Each person has a different taste when it comes to design and color preferences. Some people prefer choosing a blue color, red, while others prefer black. First, select the color that attracts and satisfies you appropriately and avoid displaying and light shooting the device to protect the device color from any harm such as fading.

  • Seller

Consider the place you want to buy the device. Research the area and ensure it delivers genuine products, especially if you are using search engines. For instance, you may purchase the product through the Amazon website.

  • Shipping activities

Ensure the sellers deliver high-quality products at the estimated time. Review other people’s comments before making any order.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which are the best ohms can I use for my appj mini2013 6j1 + 6p1?

The device supports two different ohms through the banana jackets output. It supports 4 ohms or the 8 ohms’ devices, not other ohm devices, as they may damage the device.

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The appj mini2013 6j1 + 6p1 device has many features that attract the majority of users. For example, the device has an excellent noise performance feature that suits the user’s preferences. In terms of frequency, it responds faster than other devices functioning the same, among others.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the factors above and review the product specifications before buying one. Finally, after purchasing, follow the manufacturer’s guide on how to use and take care of the device to last longer.

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