Advent Prodigy Tower Speaker Review – Complete Guide

An advent prodigy speaker exists with unique features such as the ability to handle the power of 75 watts, extended bass production, among others. Due to its unique features, the device has an outstanding value unavailable in the other two pair speakers.

The best way to get the best speaker is to perform a lab test. For example, place the speaker near the ear level and let one sit near the speaker to listen to the speaker’s frequency and response. Continue adjusting the distance till you get the accurate frequency readings of each distance and try the same procedure with other speakers of the same model before purchasing the best.

The article below reviews the advent prodigy tower speaker, its features, pros and cons. Also, it provides the best guide before purchasing the speaker.

Features and benefits of Advent prodigy tower speakers

advent prodigy tower speakers review

Measurements: The Prodigy Tower speaker is a floor-standing two-way speaker system that stands 28-0.5 inches tall, 10-0.5 inches wide, and 8-7/8 meters long and weighing 25-1/2-inch lbs. Although its sizes most likely support the moniker “Tower,” it is more likewise characterized as a mini-tower since it does not control even the tiniest room.

Thickness: it has a thick cabinet. The cabinet is polished glossy black on four sides and looks to be composed of 1/2-inch thick fiberboard. A solid piece of oily pecan wood covers the top, and a corresponding decor plate sits on the base of a front panel.

Appearance: With the black grille fabric in position, the device has an all-black body with light-coloured wood accents. The spring-loaded inputs adapters inserted into the back of the device accept the woofer wires’ stripping ends.

Frequency: The Prodigy Tower speaker’s frequency response is 3 dB from 44 to 24,000 Hz, with a practical lower bound of 36 Hz and a 7.9 dB output. The output fluctuation (dispersion) of the tweeter over a 30 ° angle, vertically and horizontally, is measured at 1 dB. Beyond 80 Hz, the device’s output signal is less than 0.8 % with a one-watt input level.

Frequency crossover: Close to the top of the speaker panel is a crossover to a 3/4-inch soft-dome tweeter cooled and damped by Ferrofluid at 3,000 Hz. The speaker impedance is 4 ohms, with a standard rated voltage of 6 ohms.

Sensitivity: The speaker’s estimated sensitivities are 88.9 dB SPL at 1 meter with a 2.8-volt input, and you can use it with drivers that can deliver up to 75 watts constant or 300 watts’ maximum.

Power requirements: The tower speaker can handle a constant voltage of output up to 75 watts.

Sound quality: the speaker has high bass when compared to other systems but produces clear sound. Also, the speaker emits smooth and full-bodied sound with no ambiguity.

  • Balances voice emitted
  • Clear and high bass
  • Withstands power supply up to 75 watts
  • The high sensitivity of 89 DB
  • Cheap
  • Has two speaker pairs only

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Factors to consider when buying advent prodigy speakers

Factors to consider when buying advent prodigy
  • Condition of the speaker

First, inspect the whole speaker and see if there are any issues before purchasing. For instance, check the condition of the wires, the speakers, the cable, among others. After inspecting its condition, test it to see if it is functioning and produce a balanced sound and compare it with other speakers of the same kind.

  • Warranty period

A warranty period is essential in that it helps the buyer return a faulty advent prodigy tower speaker for replacement. The warranty period must be not less than one year. Also, the warranty prevents one from spending money to buy another speaker but instead replace it from the seller or original manufacturer. If the speaker lacks a warranty period, consider buying it from another place offering the warranty.

  • Sound quality

Everyone needs a speaker that emits clear and smooth sound. In this case, choose a tower speaker in good condition, especially in terms of sound emission.

First, test the sound quality by using the following ideas. Connect and device and play some music to see if the sound is clear. Compare the speaker sound with other speakers. If the sound production is poor, choose another speaker of the same model in good condition and produce clear and smooth sound.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How much does the advent prodigy speaker cost?

The speaker costs $350 per pair. If there are shipping activities, the speaker may be costly compared to when there is no shipping.


The advent tower speaker is among the best speakers that are cheaper. They emit clear and high-quality sound with high bass. The speaker is also cheaper with high performance even though it has two pairs.

Finally, it is essential to consider some factors before purchasing the speaker, such as frequency and power handling ability. Also, maintain the speaker to increase its lifespan once you buy it.

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