Advent 5002 Speakers Review: Is This one a Perfect Buy?

There are four loudspeaker models included in the advert corporation series, with the advent 5002 being among them. They’re all two-way acoustic-suspension speakers with developed tweeters whose response frequency and distribution are high and enhanced, just like the company’s previous models. The 5002 speaker looks like the old speakers of the advent.

Its diameter is 10″, and a 1 to ½ voice coil has a nominal impedance of 7 ohms. The speaker is housed in a sealed box constructed of walnut-grain vinyl-clad plywood with smooth inner front edges to give it a wood-veneered image.

The speaker can be placed against a wall or on the floor, horizontally or vertically. Advent promotes experimenting to find the proper sonic location.

Advent 5002 Speakers Review

1. Features

Advent 5002 Speakers

The Advent direct report tweeter is an entirely new architecture, featuring a 1-inch parabolic-dome radiator bordered by a phase plate that is taped and moulded, contributing to the tweeter’s extraordinary dispersion characteristics. (Also, the tightening screws are slightly raised to prevent possible diffraction from affecting the tweeter’s polar pattern.)

The tweeter-woofer crossover occurs at 1800 Hertz, with a three-pole high-pass filter section below that frequency attenuating the signal to the tweeter at an 18 decibel/octave rate.

At 900 Hertz, there is a reduction of the tweeter output by 21 decibels compared to the region of flat-response level as per advent. The crossover model allows each driver to function at maximum efficiency within its frequency range with the least amount of damage and risk.

A switch enclosed into the back of the box close to the input cables and the protecting-fuse bearer is a unique feature of Advent 5002. The response of the advent speaker is initially “flat” in the usual spot of the switch. The output in the 2-octave scope centred at 2000 Hertz is reduced when the switch is set to the background. The response characteristic will allow the traditional music to play at a small sonic mask of the dialogue.

It has a typical sensitivity of acoustic suspension, of which the rate of the sound pressure is 87-decibel units. The unit is measured at a distance of 1 m when it is driven by a 1 W. The size of the cabinet is a height of 26” and a depth of 11 inches. The weight of the advent 5002 speaker is approximately 40ibs.  The moulded plastic frame of the neutral cloth grille easily unsnaps to allow access to the drivers. The cost is $200.

2. Measurements


It has a cross over frequency of 1800 hertz. Almost 2-decibel units amplified the switch’s original position at the back of the advent 5002 system; the affected frequency range was 1,000 hertz to 4,000 Hertz in any of the switch positions. 60 Hertz produced the most woofer output. From 35 hertz to 20,000 Hertz, the speaker’s reinforced response is a little over 4-decibel units.

Up to almost 16,000 Hertz, the distribution of the advent 5002 D Report tweeter is virtual and great over the regular hearing region, without a noticeable effect in response measurements from the left speaker and the right speaker. From 16,000 hertz to 20,000 Hertz, there was only a slight deviation. We can’t recall ever measuring a front-radiating dome tweeter with the same distribution as the Advent design.

The distortion of the woofer is too low at the 1 W input level. Distortion is measured, ranging from 0.32 percent to 0.58 per cent at 40 hertz from 100 hertz to 50 hertz and 22% at 40 hertz. When the drive level increases to 10 W, it gives a distortion of 1.4% to 80 hertz, 2% at 50 hertz, and 6.3% at 40 hertz.

The impedance of the speaker reaches 24 ohms when the bass resonance is 46 hertz and 21 ohms at 1250 hertz. It’s the most negligible value, around 6 ohms at a range of 100 hertz to 150 hertz, and around 7 ohms at many f that are above 2000 hertz.

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In conclusion, the advent 5002 produces a great balanced sound that is smooth. The base output of the advent 5002 is low but powerful. There is a bit of audible bass variance between the advent 5002 speakers and some other measurably unequal speakers in that range on most programs.

The advantage of the advent over a less capable system is that it will not be realized if there isn’t shallow bass in the system. When strong low bass is accessible, however, the 5002 provides it neatly and thoroughly.

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