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ADS is the short form of Analog and Digital systems which is a company that shows the descriptions of the volumes of the speakers such that you cannot see the volume but feel and listen to it. The company’s main function is to produce the quality volume of music as it can edit bad sounds of the music to have a fine tone that is pleasant to the user.

The ADS L810 is a system that has a medium size with the main purpose of resting on the floor when working since it is large and contains drive units that control the bass of the speakers. The drive unit is 8 inches tall that makes the speaker rest on the floor.

The article above shows the features of the ADS L810 system, including the size, power, frequency, origin, and the type of speakers it has. Furthermore, it has the advantages and disadvantages of the product and the factors to consider when buying the product.

Ads l810 Speaker Review

ads l810 review

Features and benefits

  • Type of speaker: the ADS L810 speaker is a three-way speaker as it has three drive units and a larger system that produces loud music.
  • Frequency: the frequency response level of the ADS L810 speaker ranges between 35Hz and 23Hz
  • Power: the output power of the analog and digital systems is 100 watts.
  • Amplifiers: the amplifiers control the output power, which is to 100watts, while its ranges are from 20 watts and 200 watts.
  • Size: the analog and digital systems are large as they are 25.5 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches such that they are the length, width, and height, respectively, of the speaker.
  • Crossover frequency: the crossover frequency ranges from a mid-frequency of 550 H to a tweeter of 4000 Hz.


  • Produces quality sound with less power it can start with due to the good frequency, which increases the sound quality.
  • It is an old speaker that produces accurate results.
  • It is competitive.


  • The bass tone of the ADS L810 speaker is not appealing to the user due to frequency changes in the drive units.

Although the speaker is not appealing to the user when listening to music, the speaker is still competitive and produces accurate results. Moreover, it enhances the production of good quality sound that is clear.

Factors to consider when buying the ADS L810

Factors to consider when buying the ADS L810
  • Size

When choosing a speaker to buy, consider checking the size of the speaker that can provide a good suit for you. In some cases, the size of the speaker is a determinant of the quality of sound the bass of music produces. A bigger speaker has enough energy to provide strong bass to the surroundings if one needs a louder speaker.  Size is one of the major factors since it will produce low bass volume when you choose a small speaker.

  • Quality of sound

It is good to consider the quality of sound a speaker produces before buying that particular speaker since you can choose a larger speaker with attractive features without testing the quality of sound, and you end up finding the volume is lower. To determine the quality of sound, you need to test the sound in the shop before buying.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can one buy a speaker and fix it later if the sound is not appealing?

Yes, one can buy a speaker, and after realizing the bass sound is poor, they decide to edit or change the sound volume. However, the changing process can affect the rest of the operations of the speaker as it can increase the rate of power consumption. However, you can call a professional to help modify the settings where necessary.


The article above describes the features of ADS L810 speakers with their advantages and disadvantages, which help you know why you can you them and the side effects. Later it has the buying guide, which directs you on the things you must look at when buying the product including your presence such that you buy a product that fulfills your desires.

Therefore follow the guide carefully to note the features and the buying guide if the features are calling and feel like you want one.

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