Ads l570 Speakers Review in 2022

The ads l570 speakers are a two-way system that does not have a reserve pick up, and the originals have a very back black finish. They’ve been spoiled since the beginning and come from a smoke-free environment. The ADS L570 is an improved model with a smoother sound, better bass response, and terminal posts.

With the classic ADS monitor tone, it’s musical and smooth. They are near-perfect and have never been exposed to direct sunlight. I’d give them a rating of 9.6 out of 10. There are no scratches or dings. The surroundings are spotless, and the dust caps are undamaged.

The dimensions of the ads l570 speakers is 18 inches in height, 11to 1/8 inches in width, and 11 inches in diameter. Metal grilles are black on the outside and black on the inside (grills are perfect)—one hundred watts into an 8-ohm load.

ads l570

Features of the ADS l570

It has a dual woofer which is calibrated and created with a design of dual-chamber.

It has a stiff lite woofer that helps to attain a quality bass that is efficient and accurate.

The mid-range driver of the acoustic suspension has a robust magnetic assembly that helps achieve excellent linearity, advanced accuracy, outstanding performance and minor damage.

The acoustic suspension with ¾ inches soft dome has a tweeter that will boast the slow-moving mass of marching drivers.

The mass ratio and the force are perfect for ensuring that the lightning transients are fast, have perfect damping, and have external damage.

It has a diaphragm diameter that is small to ensure high uniform dispersion of sound. In addition to that, the sound quality is smooth and airy.

A new crossover network is designed to work with the woofer and a midrange to give an output that has advanced linearity, accuracy, and effects of room-boundary that are less pinched.

The cabinets of the Ads l570 have edges that are the radius and reinforcement with a soiled walnut featured in them.

It has a grill with acoustic transparency that adds a distinctive look as it eliminates the structure of the grill flame to reduce the diffraction and improve the dispersion features. Heavy-duty binding-post connectors and a readily available tweeter fuse with integrated spare are featured on the new user-interface panel.

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Specifications of L570

It has a frequency response of 40 to 23,000 hertz, +3 decibel; 25 to 30 000 hertz and +5 Db.

The impedance ranges between a maximum of 6 ohms and a minimum of 4 ohms.

The efficiency is 92 decibel SPL with 2 and 8 Vrms, which is equal to a watt. The noise input is measured at 1 meter in a standard room from which you are listening.

The driver has a soft dome tweeter that is suspended with one acrostic.  A diameter of ¾ and one layer, a metal voice coil that withstands high temperatures, a magnetic flux with a density of 15500 gausses, and 1455000 NW.

  • The excursions are two and long; the woofers are of high compliance, a diameter of 7.
  • A crossover of 12db at 550 hertz and 4000 hertz.
  • A minimum power rating of 75W and a maximum of 150 W.
  • The amplifier wire that is recommended is a minimum of 15W and a maximum of 150 W.
  • It has a dimension of 21cm height, 12cm width and 10 cm diameter.
  • The weight is approximated to 16 kilograms which are the same as 35 pounds.
  • The cabinet is made of a board with high-density particle and age inserts made of solidified walnuts.
  • The baffle has a piano with a black finish with an installed flush driver corrected with diffraction.
  •  A grill that has acoustic transparency can be removed, lacks a frame and has a bronze finish.
  • The retail price is approximately $ 335.

You can buy a metal base for the ADS l570, which is black, for 32 dollars per metal base.


ADS speakers are fascinating creatures, and collectors prize them. With a connection to Braun, they have a long and winding corporate history. Those who have there are the later, more excellent models with the metal grills. They have a visual resemblance to the Braun speakers’ industrial design, which, if you’re not a design geek, was put together by some of the most famous industrial designers ever. The grills aren’t flat here, but most of the signature elements of German design are still present, and they look pretty nice, in my opinion.

The ads l570 deliver when it comes to sound. Its tweeters are perfect, open and airy with no harshness or artificial high-frequency hype. Most models have rubber woofers, which means you won’t have to reform them. The bass has a tight sound that is typical of the east coast.

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