Adcom GFA 545 ii: A Must Read Review

For Stax’s electrolytic headphones, the ADCOM GFA-545 II is a bias supply and high-voltage amps. The SRM-T1 functions with any Stax earphones manufactured since 1958, from the old SR-1 to today’s SR-009. It has three outputs: 2 of them are professional, and 1 is Standard. (Stax’s headphones are referred to as “earspeakers.”)

The SRM-T1 is a pure class-A, DC-coupled amplifier with FET input and tube output. In the audio path, there are no capacitors or transformers. To prevent accidental magnetic coupling, it’s kept in a non-magnetic case. In its output stage, it uses two 6FQ7/6CG7 vacuum tubes. It produces enough noise to deafen people without distortion with any headphones.

Using any 99 3.5mm to RCA cord can be injected from any electronic with RCA jacks, including iPods and iPads. A pair of SR-Lambda Specialists sounds inexpressibly fantastic when taken out directly from an iPod if your iPod transfers are done correctly. Stax’s first tube-output amplifier was the SRM-T1. The SRM-T1S, which debuted with the SR-Omega, took its place in 1993. Except for a switchable input selector, The SRM-T1S and the SRM-T1 are similar.


Name: ADCOM GFA-545 II– it is always punctured in one way, unlike the SRM-1/MK-2.

Inputs: There is only one way-level input that loops thru. They’re connected so that you can put this in between any two other elements, and the signal will still pass through even if it’s switched off. At 50 k, 100 mV.

Gain: it has a gain of 60dB. It means that when it is at its maximum gain, an output of 100mV can be produced by an input of 100Mv.

Frequency response: An SR-Signature 1. The amplifier has excellent performance as well as Stax do when driving an actual, reactive load.

Distortion: Driving an SR-Signature one at 100 V RMS, 0.02 per cent.

Outputs: it has three audio outputs that are joined in parallel. It has high and low voltages that are biased.

At 1 kHz, the maximum output is 300 V RMS.

WHD, rectangular case only, 195mm width, 87.5mm height, 346mm diameter. (7.68 width x 3.44height x 13.62 D) inches, excluding tube humps, feet, knobs, and connectors.

Size: 195mm width, 104 mm length, and 377mm height. (7.68inches width, 4.06inches length, 13.84 inches height, with tube humps, feet, knobs, and connectors When installing, make sure there’s enough room for the plugs. Stax identifies a measurement of 195 103 375 millimetres.

The performance

Overall performance

It has a smooth sound, excellent, and perfect. The ADCOM GFA-545 II has a fantastic sound.

It’s incredible how much better the Stax New SR-3 from the 1970s sounds with this amplifier.

The channel balance

It has a potentiometer that is clutched and ganged together. It shows that you set the balance by turning the top of the LEVEL knob while holding the sleeve.

There was only the tiniest imbalance between channels below about 70 or 80 dB attenuation. The darned material is flawless back down to silence, with just a slight adjustment of the two knobs.


It has a fantastic sound, with no noise disturbance even if it is set at a maximum volume. The gain structure is ideal: I keep the gain control at noon most of the time.

Humming: It doesn’t have a humming sound.


It quickly moves as the user wants. Stax uses an Alps 50 k semi-sealed potentiometer with the same glassy feel as the professional audio controls Penny + Giles used to publicize. The power LEDs are not DC-driven and flicker at 60 Hz, and the large switch will make a change level of a breeze.

It’s simple to locate and grasp the knob, which can be switched from different angles, for quick and simple adjusting.

Digital up/down buttons and shaft encoders can go up to the bum, but it also has actual volume control buttons.

Stax uses an Alps 50 k semi-sealed potentiometer with the same glassy feel as the professional audio controls Penny + Giles used to publicize. The power LEDs are not DC-driven and flicker at 60 Hz.


When plugging the earphones, make sure that you check the voltage. That should be the case even when unplugging them. High voltage can shock you when you touch the pins, even when the power is off.

Ensure that you don’t open anything since the lethal voltages are available even when it is unplugged, and you can get a shock. The capacitor can store a large amount of energy that kill anyone at a time.

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